Getting Uncomfortable

It had been a few days since I’d done any exercise. I could feel my back complaining, my shoulders aching. That was it, I needed to get to the pool.

Of course, I had a million excuses ready. My first excuse is always work, funny eh? I’m just too busy. Yes, I know I’m my own boss but the work’s got to get done, right?

Or, I’ll fit it in tomorrow or later in the week – it’s only Monday?

Or, I’ll be walking the dog later, that’ll do, that’s exercise.

Or, it’s just too damn cold.

It really was cold this morning. I was shivering while I brushed my teeth, shivering waking the kids.

But I found a way to get around it (thanks to my sister – great suggestion, I may never forgive you).

I put my swimsuit on under my clothes – do you remember how that feels, it’s so uncomfortable – you’ll do anything to get it off – and especially, you’ll get to the pool as fast as you can and get the swim over with.

It works every time!

Sometimes, all you need is to be a little uncomfortable (especially if the swimsuit is a bit damp!) to get motivated to do the right thing.

And that’s true for your business too.

Look at the areas where you need to get something done. Are you uncomfortable until it’s completed? If not, why not try getting a little uncomfortable – you’ll see, it works.

Here are 3 ways I get uncomfortable in my business so that I can get stuff done:

  1. Leave the piles of paperwork that need to be sorted right beside my laptop in the middle of my workspace – I hate seeing it there, so I sort it out much quicker than if it was hidden away somewhere in a drawer!
  2. Open emails that need r&r (read & respond) and drag them to the screen beside my laptop. They practically scream at me while I’m in avoidance…so I feel the urgency to get rid of them!
  3. Keep my ‘to do’ list on my desktop in full view and make sure it’s in a bright color that I don’t particularly like. This visual discomfort gets me to get through the list quicker!

So, what do you think? Does this ‘getting uncomfortable’ strategy make sense to you? Will you try it out?

 What can you do today to get uncomfortable?
 Share it here.

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2 comments on “Getting Uncomfortable

    • Hi Stephanie….I use the Notes app on my mac but there is also a free downloadable virtual stick-it type notes. I found it by google search! Invaluable! best wishes, Lisa

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