(Video) Greatest Human Desire

We all do it

We all need it

It’s the greatest human desire

This week’s ‘Dare To Tell Story Show’ is all about it….

Check it out here…and don’t forget to leave a comment!

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6 comments on “(Video) Greatest Human Desire

  1. Thanks Lisa, I loved it. It is such a treat to listen and watch you tell. It is a great story for all our Stories.

  2. The story you told about your son, held my attention. Not so much for the words you used but, the flow. I enjoyed your story and would like to share my story is that gentle, quiet and secure way you have done.

    I have been trying to tell my story about my spiritual journey of lost identity. After 20 years, I was able to tell it in my self-published book: "Winter's Mystery-Time To Go Within:Spiritual Journeying". I write transformational poetry that, has healed my emotional pain and the words set me free to release, reclaim and rebirth the wonder of me.

    • Wonderful Patricia, thank you for sharing…I’m so happy you found your story and have released it…very best wishes, Lisa

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