Happy New Year – and thank you!

About 9 days ago I sent an email to my system to wish everyone happy holidays and set it up to send out on Christmas Eve.  I didn’t spend hours putting it together, I just wrote to you from my heart.   

The following day I went into surgery (nothing serious but it needed taking care of!)

The day after my surgery as I was bouncing between pain medication, a bout of fainting and some enormous relief that it was over…I checked my email on my mobile phone.

I was blown away because my inbox was inundated by messages from you, thanking me for my words, the story inspiration and so much more.

I was, and still am, overwhelmed, moved and so grateful.

And so it is with enormous gratitude to you in this amazing story coach community that I say goodbye to 2013 and welcome with great excitement and anticipation the year ahead.

This week has not been easy.  My recovery is going well and it is a great reminder of my impatience and desire to get through the tough stuff quick.  I’ve caught myself complaining that I’m not where I’d like to be, and how I recognize that….

And so as the last few hours of this amazing year draw to a close, I’m remembering how incredible it has been.  What amazing lessons and blessings, travel to new places and meeting of new colleagues and friends, new projects, new stories.

And I want to wish you so much, everything really.  The vision to see how amazing it all is, despite the hardship and difficulty (and sometimes even because of!), how blessed we are and how it’s all possible, everything… as we move into this New Year.

Most of all, I want to be truly present in this perfect moment.  A little sore, very tired and unbelievably blessed by the very best clients, family and partner in the world.  Thank you to you all.

And finally, 2014 is a brand new story.  It’s waiting to be lived and told, day by day, moment by moment.  I can’t wait, can you? 

A new story, anything is possible, anything!

Much love,


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10 comments on “Happy New Year – and thank you!

  1. There is so much excitement in my heart. 2013 has been marvelous. 2014 a blank canvas…. What will I draw next year? I have a few ideas, and some things to follow up on from this year.
    Be excited. Be curious. Use your imagination.

  2. Lisa,You come from the heart and you don’t have to tell us. Your messages are inspirational and full of genuine sincerity, as well as great enthusiasm. Wishing you so much health and a very speedy recovery.

  3. Three years ago, out of the blue, I was the recipient of major surgery with a 10-12 week full recovery. Two things that greatly facilitated relaxation, rest and recovery were several of the healthjourneys guided imagery series by Belleruth Naparstek, in particular "Six Brief Meditations for mind, body & spirit". and beautiful music. Another of my favorites was by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Music therapy is recommended by Mayo Clinic and I find listening to them still is a ticket for complete relaxation. Wishing you wellness and a full recovery.

  4. My wish is to manifest a center where I can teach my yogic skills to anyone who walks in that door, a door
    of the greatest teachings from the yogis, feel the pain, sit with it, and then bring back to the moment, NOW
    is all we ever have. Have yourself a merry and happy new year and don't ever stop telling stories.
    Stories connect us and I want to INCORPORATE stories at my new center

  5. Hi LIsa,
    My wish is that all of us, each one of us, realize that in the end we are all loved, even though it seems completely cloaked or non-existent. I wish that we finally realize that as Humans we are truly gifted, each one of us and deserve the very best. This is what I wish for us all. I am grateful for the new home that I manifested this past year and can't wait to move in after the renovations are completed. I feel that I am being renovated from the inside out and that the house is a reflection of that! Thank you so much Lisa for the richness you share so generously.
    I would like to gift you with a Soul Song session to aid you in your recovery if it fits for you. We can do it by phone or skype.
    Love Rhonda Joy

  6. Hi Lisa,

    My wish is that everyone woven into my life story learns the value of your Story Coach work.

    Best Wishes for 2014

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