Help! It’s addictive….an obsession?

Does that sound harsh or…
Do you admit it?
Can you see it?
Do you feel that pull towards the very thing you
know you shouldn’t…

Is it chocolate?
Or technology?
The mobile phone?
Or all of them?

You think I’ll just have a quick look…
I’ll just check my email…
I’ll just see who’s on facebook…
I’ll just eat one piece or slice….

And here’s the thing, it’s a fine line.
There is no harm in the ‘just quickly’ whatever.
The harm is in doing it all the time.

Suddenly hours have gone by, the chocolate bar
has disappeared and you are feeling bloated and
guilty with that added feeling of, ‘I don’t know
where it went (time or food!)’ and the panic of,’
I have no time to finish what I need to.’

I call it the black hole and it can apply to lots
of areas of life.  Here’s an example, it’s called
“The Social Media Black Hole.”

I decide to send a few tweets, line up some
facebook posts and tag a few colleagues and then
check my linked in account for updates.  I glance
at my phone to see that it’s 9am and open up all
three pages simultaneously, telling myself it’s
quicker that way.

The next thing I realize that it’s 11.43am and I
haven’t even uploaded the facebook link I was
looking for.  What was I thinking?  Where did the
time go?  What about my deadlines?

Does this sound familiar?

Well, at first I thought that my phone wasn’t
working, the clock was clearly wrong.  Then I
decided that it was pure avoidance; I must be
resisting something so I allow myself to get
distracted.  But soon I realized the truth.  Some
things are simply addictive.  Once you start it’s
REALLY hard to stop. 

But here’s the good news.
It’s not everything, it’s not uncontrollable, and

So, it’s not everything – NO, you have your pet
addictions, the specific things that pull you in.
Is it a food type?  Or a type of technology?  Do
you check Facebook all the time or is it your
I don’t like television much, so I’m never
attracted by watching just one show.  It just
doesn’t do it for me.  But you know what yours is.
 So just face it, say it and understand it.

You can control this.  You have to create
strategies and practices that allow you access,
but limit the time and energy you spend there.   I
don’t believe in diets, I can’t deny myself
chocolate or anything forever, but I can set
limits and you can too!  

So, set yourself a kind limit.  Allow yourself a
Facebook feed a few times a day…just not several
times an hour.  Check your email at the start of
the day and the end.  Or better still, use your
favorite addictive activities when you have an
external limit; so check Facebook 5 minutes before
you have to leave to pick up the kids.  Or check
your email in between client meetings.

Most importantly, keep on top of your time and
energy.  Don’t waste it, it’s precious.
Don’t feed your mind and body with limitless
junk, they are what keep you healthy, focused,
creative and on track in everything that’s really
important in your life and work.

So don’t be harsh or extreme.  Be kind.  And see
how you will treasure your time and energy and you
will thank yourself for it.

Why not share your favorite addiction, and how
you handle it….right here!  I’d love to hear your

Best wishes and best stories

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