How to Attract Clients You Love!

Have you ever noticed how you feel after a coaching session?

Are you energized and focused?
Or are you feeling drained and unsure?

It was not long after I finished my coach training.

I was eager to show the world how amazing coaching is.  I just wanted to coach; I didn’t care who, I didn’t care what issues, I didn’t think about what I was actually interested in.

I just wanted to coach.

I would tell people about my qualifications and my previous work experience.  My enthusiasm did get me a few clients.  Each one was completely different to the next.  They were recommended by friends or relatives and they were willing to give me a chance.

One client was having relationship difficulties; she was trying to figure out whether to get divorced.  Another was looking for a partner, desperate to meet someone and have a child.  One client told me his business was failing; another was in the wrong job.

I still loved the coaching but more often than not I was frustrated, exhausted and unclear as to whether the coaching was having any impact at all. 

I was certainly not in my element (by the way, check out Ken Robinson’s excellent book ‘The Element’).

Then I discovered my story…what I’m really good at and what I’m really passionate about.

And it made a huge difference to my business.  In fact, I started seeing that my coaching is a business, not a practice, not a hobby but a real business…and of course, I started attracting clients that were ideal.

What does ideal client mean?  The kinds of clients that you LOVE working with, that have incredibly breakthroughs from working with you so that you have impact and they have success, and you both end up energized and excited by your sessions together.

Do you have clients like this?  Do you have enough of them?

I realized that I need to help people find their story.  It’s the key to attracting clients, not just any clients but the ones you absolutely love to work with! 

You see when you tell your story, your expertise shines through.  Your passion and drive is so compelling and you are completely present.  And of course, I’m talking about your real story, not something made up for fun or to try and convince someone of something.  I’m talking about the story of you – the real ‘why’ of what you do and who you are!

Do you dare to tell your story?

Does your story empower you?

Do you wish that you could tell our story confidently and easily? 

If this really speaks to you….if the idea of you telling your story powerfully for your business resonates for you…if you want to hear more…

Join me in ‘Your Story-Your Success’

Starting on thursday – this is your chance!

I can’t wait to hear your story!
Best wishes


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