How to Get Raving Fans!

From the minute I got there, I just instinctively liked him. He created a warm, safe environment and he was really listening. I could tell that he took an holistic approach to his work and I appreciated that.

When I spoke about what was going on in my life, he made meaningful comments about how pain was not just a physical response to trauma but often stress related.

As he massaged, manipulated and eased the pain out of my limbs, our conversation was just as much of a relief. To be completely heard. To be appreciated and have his full presence. It was exceptional.

It’s rare that I get to experience a therapeutic approach that I can recommend so full heartedly.

And I haven’t stopped talking about it ever since. And it was quite some time ago!

If anyone mentions to me that they have back pain (or any other pain!) I always remember him and give a warm recommendation.

This is the kind of marketing we all need.

There is nothing more powerful than a personal recommendation from a raving fan.

What does it take to create a raving fan? Here are four tips!

  1. Listen – when you can really hear your client (and they feel heard!) then you know exactly what to offer and they will accept it.
  2. Make Time – your client is not just paying for a session with you…they should get the whole treatment – figure out what that means for you (I offer my clients 24/7 email support) and be generous. Make time to prepare properly and do research if you need to, so that you can offer full support to your client.
  3. Presence – be fully and wholly present when you are with your client. No interruptions, no distraction, just be there. This is a gift and it will be warmly appreciated.
  4. Feedback – no, that doesn’t mean the chance to blame or judge your client but warm heartfelt feedback that appreciates and honors them. It’s just one more way to help your client feel heard and valued.

The truth is, this isn’t about getting people to love you, it’s actually about loving them.

Go on, figure out what it is about each of your clients that you love. And tell them. And keep on loving them!

What is it about the client you met with today that you absolutely adore?
 Share it below!

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