How to win

“It was 4 o’clock in the morning, pouring rain, he’s dressed up warm, shivering and worried. What if I get lost, what if I’m too cold – my baby is off to join his school running team for his first ever 10k race. marathon

Bless his worried heart I try to assure him all is well, he’ll be looked after, I’m proud of him. I want to take his concern away, I want to give him the conviction that he is fine. I want to give him the confidence that his teachers, friends and everyone is supporting him, all is well. That he is an exceptional, gorgeous, brave human being and that he will win this race even if he’s the last to cross the finish line.

At 13 he’s sweating the small stuff – I remind him that I think he’s amazing and he manages a small smile. I hug and kiss him and let him go. His head down, avoiding the puddles, he trudges over to the bus and my heart cracks open.”

I posted this in Facebook at 5am when I came back from dropping him at the bus. At that moment, I was overwhelmed, both concerned and proud. I had put on a brave face for him but I was worried about all the same things.

And yet at the same time, I knew he would be okay. I guessed it was an important day for him, a big first. The kind of first that can inform so many decisions and beliefs later in life. And yet, I had no control over it. I could not determine whether it would be a positive or negative experience. I just wished and prayed for the latter.

6 hours later, my son returned triumphant. He had run a solid 10k through constant rain and completed without stopping once. He told me, ‘’Mom, once we got out of the city, it was so beautiful, the lake on one side, the mountains on the other. I didn’t notice the rain and it was easy.” It felt like a miracle. So many things that seemed unmanageable had been totally fine. He was euphoric.

One of the comments to my post on Facebook was ‘you have told a mother’s story. All is well.’ I love that comment.

And yet, in my heart, I know this is an even bigger story. It’s about bravery and daring, it’s about vulnerability and love. It’s even about business.

You see, so often we don’t dare to do that thing we’re scared of.
We shrink back from the challenge that frightens us.

We believe a story that would tell us we can’t do it.

And yet, when we dare, the reality is always more beautiful, more empowering and more possible than we can imagine.

When we find the courage, we succeed beyond all imagination.

When we go beyond our fears, we notice beauty all around us.

What a blessing.

I guess my son will run many more races over the next few years. That’s certainly his plan. And witnessing his bravery makes me a little bit more brave. More brave in what I believe and what I do. More brave in my business too.

Maybe one day I’ll even run the 10k!

What will you be brave for this year?
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