I didn’t expect this

coffee shopIt felt like a parliament. Or a counsel of elders. Just that day.

The coffee shop crew.

Usually, we sit beside and across from each other, day after day, week after week. Often in silence. Each one working on his or her own project, presentation or business. There’s an e-commerce business owner, a university lecturer, a researcher and a video producer.

We say hello, exchange niceties, take comfort in familiarity and the company of almost strangers engaged in similar endeavors.

But that day was different.

I told them a story. A story of disillusionment, disappointment and frustration. I told them of weeks and month of planning the corporate project that had fallen through. I told them of the discomfort of dishonesty, the shame and despair of broken dreams, the anxiety for the future.

The parliament took their seats.

And wisdom, justice and comfort emerged.

And it struck me that if we dare to reach out, tell our stories and ask for help, amazing surprises await.

It also strikes me that these are the nuggets of wisdom that we all need to hear, even on special days, or when all is well, or when we can’t even imagine failure.

So my gift to you – the words of the coffee house parliament, the words that comforted me on that fateful day when all seemed lost and the clouds were shadowing my hope and self-belief.

  • We hear you, it is a familiar story, we have been there too
  • All is well, this too will pass
  • You are amazing, what you do works and is needed
  • The market shifts and changes, that is our journey
  • A door never closes without another opening
  • Nothing happens without a reason or purpose
  • Smile, don’t forget to smile.

And so it is. Life did continue. The world did not end. Neither did my business.

And the next time I joined the coffee crew, it was with an extra warm feeling in my heart and the knowledge that we are never alone, we are never destitute and sharing our stories can make all the difference.

What story do you need to share today?

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2 comments on “I didn’t expect this

  1. My story is one of procrastination. But I don’t get irritated with myself because each delay has brought me a new insight on how I want to reach the end result. I keep learning. When I do launch my project it’s going to be on my terms – and it won’t follow the standard path recommended by ‘experts.’ Will it work? Time will tell! I’m going for it and make tweaks along the way.

    • Sounds like you’re on a thoughtful and strong path – wishing you the very best for it. thanks for sharing. Warm wishes, Lisa

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