I’m furious about this…

He promised he’d always love me. He said he’d dance at my wedding even if, for some crazy reason, I wasn’t marrying him. He said he love was unconditional and forever. I believed him. love2

I had to leave, I had plans. He took me to the bus station, we cried and I waved through the stained, dirty window. I walked into my friend’s house 6 hours later and he said, what happened to you? what’s wrong. I told him about this love, bigger than anything I had ever felt before. He handed me his car keys. Go.

When I arrived back at the cottage, there was a note on the door. ‘If my greatest desire has come true, WELCOME’ – he stood behind me..that smile… I knew you’d be back.

Months later I left again…“I love you”, I said crying in a phone booth, a world away. “I know” he said.

I never spoke to him again. It broke my heart, I was convinced that he did stop loving me, that he had lied to me. I lived with the story of that lie for many years.

In the fairytale, there’s always a happy ending. A single kiss from the Prince, Sleeping Beauty awakens and all is well. The glass slipper fits, a perfect future awaits. The hair is let down and the princess is free and loved forever. The story is clear, the princess loves with abandonment and the one and only prince is there to save her, love her, make the world a better place for her. They ride off into the sunset.

It’s a hard act to follow, these fairytales.

I truly believed, all those years ago, that the hard part was finding the Prince.

19 years of marriage later, I know that the hard part is still seeing the Prince in the man you love, and still seeing the Princess in the mirror.

The hard part is knowing that you are truly loved no matter who shares your life or your bed.

That earlier love, the man who I believed lied to me, well, he didn’t. I know he still loves me. I still love him. And we were not meant to be together. How do i know? Because we’re not together.

What am I furious about?

That I would believe for even one second that love dies.

That I would allow fear hold back my love.

That I would be frightened to give openly and fully for the sake of love.

And this is equally true of my business.

When I am in a place of love for my work, when I see the gift of story for others, all is well. New clients show up and the work just gets more and more rich.

These last few weeks, I eased into trusting how much I love this work and 5 new clients appeared. It’s unfathomable, if you come from fear and scarcity. Love is the way forward.

So as we move into spring, a time of renewal, rebirth and awakening. I wish you love.

Where can you bring more love into your business today?
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