Isn’t it time you found it? – Your Story

Over the last while I’ve met with so many people who
are interested in hearing more about Storytelling and
the power of your story to connect with and inspire
people to jump at the chance to work with you.

I’ve put together a powerful program and I’m
really excited to tell you about it.

It’s called ‘Your Story – Discover, Create,
Innovate’ and it’s the opportunity to find your compelling
story for your business right now!

I am only accepting a maximum of 6 people for
this six week program (3 places are already taken…).

The program is only suited to people who
really want to find their story NOW and are
prepared to put the time and effort into this
exciting process.

Here are more details:

So, we’re talking about:
• Clarity & focus in your business
• A clear niche and strategies and plans to
attract clients
• A Powerful personal story that gives you
confidence and direction
• Action and accountability
• A group of like-minded, passionate, story
empowered entrepreneurs
to support you
•…and of course the opportunity to work with me

and all this at a price that you won’t believe!

The program is delivered through weekly live
sessions and a powerful on-line collaborative
story tool that will blow you away!

But the thing is it’s really limited and you’ll
have to commit now, we’re starting on July 2nd.

If you reckon this for you, go ahead and sign up

If you have any questions, just click on reply!

I do hope you’ll join us!
Best wishes

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