It’s Just Not Enough

We sat around the table, about 7 of us, die hard networkers out on a cold stormy day.

This was not ordinary networking but more of a meeting of like-minded entrepreneurs ready to share ideas, challenges and even heartbreak.

My share was finished and the women next to me, a wonderful artist, began to talk about the purity and beauty of the creative process.

My stomach started to knot.

She talked about that incredible moment when you are at one with the art, no person or place in mind, just you and your creation.

I sensed the tension rising and then realized that I actually felt a little angry.

She continued to tell us a story about a process she used to get herself into a meditative state in order to create the perfect piece.

I was furious.  And completely confused.  What was wrong?  Why was I so agitated?

I love working from a creative and peaceful, meditative state.  I adore that specific moment when you are in flow and the words just come tumbling out.  I have felt the power of channeling something magic, almost holy and when it all falls into place and it feels just right.

So why was I so frustrated and annoyed by her approach?

Well, here’s why.

I realized that there is such a thin line between creativity and self-indulgence. 

I thought about how the outcome IS so important.

I imagined the scores and scores of coaches and healers that I’ve met who just love what they do and have no idea, whatsoever, how to describe it.  They can’t tell the story of the work and be clear about the transformation they support in their clients.

So that means they are really poor.  And often they can’t even afford to do what they love and have to get a job to support their ‘creativity habit’.  That infuriates me.

If this sounds familiar then I REALLY want you to listen up.

You can be super-creative, have a process and practice that creates the most amazing pieces of art, or words, or ideas….

But if you don’t have a client in mind, a clear issue that they need support on and the clarity around the result you can help them achieve….

Then you won’t have a business.

Creativity is not enough.

Brilliant ideas are not enough.

Being in the zone is not enough.

You need to serve.  You need to contribute.  You need to support someone else and make their life easier in the specific area of your expertise. 

And you need to be able to talk about it.  To tell your story.  And to get them to pay you for it.

I’m not being insensitive here.  I’m not being unfeeling.

I’m being realistic.

I want you to be a huge success with your creativity.  I know you can be.  So go out there.  Connect with your clients. Tell your Story.  And you’ll be richer and wiser for it!
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