It’s Not Rocket Science!

How much of your day is planned?
How much just happens by chance?

Is the balance right for you?

It was a Tuesday morning and I glanced at the tiny clock on the corner of my screen.  Yikes, just after 10am and I felt like I had just started my day. Where had the last 2 hours disappeared to?

It was something like this.  One of the kids was really slowly getting up in the morning.  It was pretty stressful.  When I finally got them all out, having made their lunches, got them to check their bags and dropped them all at their various places, I came home and slumped down at the kitchen table. It looked like a bomb had hit.

So, I got started.  Cleared off the breakfast dishes, finished unpacking the dishwasher from yesterday; started packing it for today.  I put away the cereals, hung out a load of washing and brought down the next load and put it on.  While I was upstairs I did a quick round of bed tidying.

I made myself a cup of tea and a piece of toast and sat down at my desk.

That’s when the trouble started.  I went straight to check my email.  90% of what I had received was not essential, not even particularly interesting, but it took me about 25 minutes to sort through.  Then the trouble got much worse.  I logged onto Facebook.

And, no big surprise, suddenly it was after 10am.  Nothing productive had been done, nothing on my to-do list even considered, no progress whatsoever.

Now, I could tell you this was years ago, it doesn’t happen to me anymore.  I could claim that this is the kind of thing that ‘could’ or ‘might’ happen if I’m not careful.  But let’s be honest here okay?

I don’t know about you, but this happens to me far more often than I’m comfortable admitting.

The truth is, I don’t get tired from the stuff I choose to do to keep my kids and my house in order.  That’s just the day to day necessities of living in a gorgeous, lively environment that I’m so blessed to have created.

But I get completely exhausted by the endless drivel that seems to magically appear in my email inbox and my various social media outlets.  It’s not that it’s not interesting.  Some of it is absolutely fascinating, but it’s a black hole.  I swear, you go in promising that you’ll just check a few things, catch up with what’s happening and the next thing you know 2 hours have been swallowed.

What I’m realizing is that those two hours we never get back.  And they are worth so much more than that.  Just think, I could take a 2 hour walk on the beach in the morning.  I’d achieve so much more than I do this way!

So, that’s it.  I’ve decided to put my foot down.  And by the way, I’d love if you would join me!

I’m making a pledge.  I’m going to stick to my plan and up my productivity.  I’m going to severely limit my time on social media and email inbox loitering.  I’m going on a diet of better quality time on line and I’m going to take better breaks and more of them outdoors.

So, who’s going to join me?  Let me know, leave a comment below!

You want to be more productive?  You want to get more done and have more free time?

Create a plan, work the plan and get stuff done.  It’s not rocket science and it makes all the difference.  Let’s just do it!

Best wishes and best stories


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15 comments on “It’s Not Rocket Science!

  1. I’m definitely guilty of wasting major amounts of time. I’ve always been “good” at this, but as my chronic pain got worse, so did the time wasting. I don’t even want to say how many hours I spend on “nothing” on line. I’m trying to make my business get mack on its feet again, and it’s not really helping. But I can’t have too strict a schedule either, because I’ll get an SMS with something that needs doing from my husband, or get fatigued, and the whole day goes down the drain. Not to mention the hated housework that needs doing…

    • Thanks for your comment Linda, I always say that when we respond to emails and sms’s that are not urgent, we working to other people’s agenda…As you say, our plans go down the drain. I try to turn it all off and get focused on my stuff, it really makes a big difference! let me know how it goes! best wishes, Lisa

  2. That sounds like a great plan and very familiar.

    I recently un-liked all of the Facebook pages I’d liked….making sure to let my friends know that I still liked THEM. I can engage and just have quick conversations with friends instead of just seeing page after page in my timeline with no news from friends. Since I did that, I log into FB two or three times a week and spend just a few minutes.

    Re email: I’m going to commit to unsubscribing from any that I delete several times in a row without reading. Seeing all those emails in my inbox depletes my energy. And I’m sure that I am like other people in that I have more than one email account.

    Simple steps but I know it will add up over time. Not just with the time I save but with the energy I retain.


    • Sounds like a good plan Katherine, I regularly unsubscribe when I notice I’m not engaging much. What will you do will your freed up time? Best wishes, Lisa

      • My two biggest challenges are email and getting stuck creatively. I feel like I have to keep Outlook open all day in case I get any important emails from clients, but then it also distracts me with unimportant emails. As for getting stuck creatively, when I’m in the middle of a big project I need to realize when I’m losing steam and walk away for a bit so I can come back refreshed instead of hopping over to online time drainers. Being aware of it is half the battle.

        • Try checking email twice a day, I promise it sounds impossible and will be excruciating for the first few days…but makes a HUGE difference to your productivity level. Let us know how you get on!! good luck, best wishes, Lisa

  3. Some days I feel exactly the same way and yes I am in! Although social media is great source for information and fun it's definitely steeling my quality time 🙁

    • Great Aysegul…so social media diet right? What could you be doing instead? thanks for your part in the discussion! Best wishes, Lisa

  4. Some days I feel exactly the same way and yes I am in! Although social media is great source for information and fun it’s definitely steeling my quality time 🙁

  5. I do this far more often than I would like and I always kick myself and promise I wont do it again. I have now decided I will set a timer and only allow myself a 15 minute slot to check emails and social media a couple of times a day. thanks for reminding me to do this.

    • great, Susan, good luck and let us know how you get on! twice a day should be more than enough to check in with email…but it’s hard to do!!! best wishes, Lisa

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