It’s time – become a Story Coach!

Don’t you LOVE fridays!

So before you head out for a fantastic weekend, I wanted to let you know abou the upcoming Certified Story Coach Program™ – starting on May 14th.


If you’re struggling to get clients…

If you want to connect to your creativity and coach powerfully…

And if you need CCE’s or accreditation from the International Coach Federation….

Well, this could be the perfect solution for you.

The Certified Story Coach Program™ is starting really soon.  And I’d love you to join us.

You can save $500 by signing up RIGHT NOW until May 10th at midnight (wherever you are!).

If you are ready to attract more ideal clients, enhance your coaching skills, make a bigger impact and earn 30 ICF core competency CCEUs, I invite you to become a Certified Story Coach™.

=> Save $500 on this dynamic and exciting 12 week Certification program

Get all of the details here:

In this ICF Accredited Distance Learning program

– You’ll learn powerful techniques specifically designed to empower your coaching skills

– You’ll understand how to create a profitable business with proven tactics to start or develop your practice

– You’ll be offered a powerful process for connecting you to your passion and purpose

– You’ll understand how old stories can sabotage us and come up with solutions

– You’ll be taught how to create new stories and make major life changes

– You’ll be equipped to provide accountability for success while saving time and making more money

– You will receive 30 ICF CCEU’s towards your personal accreditation

Here are some comments from graduates of the Program:

 “Before starting the story telling journey with Lisa, I was not convinced that I needed it. (As a result..)my book will launch next week…I managed to sign some bigger deals…I have proposals from prospects to do workshops….A brand new horizon has opened for me. I have a new story of a rich and empowering life…. An entire new Universe awaits for you to be revealed and discovered.  Lisa, thank you with all my heart”

“Lisa did a fantastic job of presenting this unique program…It was fun, enlightening and extremely useful.  As a seasoned coach, it is fantastic to learn new tools and methods to improve the coaching experience for my clients and myself! Thank you”

 “I feel blessed having had this opportunity working with Lisa Bloom and entering into the world of stories. It is like walking in to an enchanted forest, I keep on seeing new depths and new layers. Working with stories has given me a sense of relief and freedom. I am looking forward to making stories a part of my coaching and a part of my everyday life”.

 Check out the details NOW!

 Okay, so now’s the time, get back to me if you have any questions at all, we can set up a time to talk them through.

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Best wishes and best stories



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