Kind of Embarrassing – I admit it…

Where’s your voice?

Can you hear it?

I need to admit it – I’ve been hearing voices!  Let me tell you what I mean!

There’s a great Hodja story….it was told to me long ago and goes something like this!

Hodja was known far and wide as a man of great wisdom, and often also as a fool.  The wise fool they called him.

One day some people came to Hodja and asked, “Hodja, how did you get to be so wise?”

Hodja thought for a moment.  He was not one to answer a question quickly.

And then he said “When I see that someone is talking and other people are listening, well, I rush over and I listen too.”

The people nodded.  This was, indeed, a wise act.

“And when I notice,” Hodja continued, “people are listening to me….well I ask them what it was that I said”.

I love this story.

It reminds me that so often we don’t pay enough attention to our own voice. 

We are so busy listening to the advice, opinion, criticism and judgment of others; we forget to tune into our own wisdom.

If you are faced with a dilemma or a decision, do you know what you would advise yourself?
Do you know what path to take based on your own beliefs and feelings?

Maybe it’s time to be a wise fool and start listening to your own voice, start hearing your own stories.

I’ve been pretty busy recently, a lot of work, family commitments, external and internal pressure and I really felt like I had stopped listening to my own voice.
I couldn’t really hear any coherent story at all.

The stories that were charging around my head have been so loud and insistent, so persuasive and distracting.  I finally stopped.  Over a couple of days, I sat, I listened; I considered the possibility of surrender.

It was amazing.  Suddenly some clarity showed up.   One of the best ideas I’ve had in years showed up (you’ll be hearing about it really soon!), and I started to relax and feel happy again.

So, here’s what I suggest.

Notice the voices you’re hearing.  Stop.  Relax.  And start listening carefully for where your own voice lives.

Give it some space.  Tend to it.  And hear your story, the one you really want to tell.

How do you find your voice?  How do you tell your story?

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Best wishes and best stories


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8 comments on “Kind of Embarrassing – I admit it…

    • That’s wonderful Robert…not everyone is aware of that heart space! Thanks for your comment

  1. My story/my voice start to be more clear when I stop the external noise and give internal space ….

  2. I get lost in the ‘white noise’ of my head all the time!
    I often have to remind myself to ‘change the channel’ and tune out the static.
    Sometimes it’s a simple matter of merely starting to write that liberates the wise-voice of the inner-writer… other times it’s more of a deliberate decision, a meditation, a process of thinking less and feeling more…
    I wrote to you once before Lisa, that when it does happen, it is indeed cathartic (the tired deflated old party balloon that was me, was able to once more float free and has been helping inspire other crafty mums ever since!)
    Best wishes… keep sharing.
    Linda. x

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