Let Go Now

I thought we would get married. I knew it would take a lot of sacrifice but love is love right? You might thing love shouldn’t need sacrifice, and perhaps compromise is closer to the truth. I knew I would have to give up stuff and I was prepared for that…at least I thought I was.Let go

I went off traveling on one of my latest adventures, thinking he’d wait. He guessed I’d left him already and the next week met the love of his life.  You know the Alanis Morissette song – you meet the man of your dreams, then you meet his beautiful wife…something like that!

I was heartbroken. I went home in a heap and tried to pick up the pieces. I signed up for a course, got a job and moped around for a while.

One day my father handed me a little book from his shelf. It was open and a single sentence was underlined – ‘keep hold tightly, let go lightly’. He hugged me and said, it’s time.

Letting go can be so hard.

Now, years later I see it all around me. How attached we get to our expectations; of our partners, our kids, our parents and even our clients.

And I remind myself of Dad’s advice to ‘keep hold tightly, let go lightly’.

So, today I’m letting go.

Letting go of the expectation that every request will end in a ‘yes’.

Letting go of the desire to always win.

Letting go of knowing what’s best!

Letting go of assuming there is one path to success.

And I’m also keeping hold tightly.

Of the people I love.  And respect.

I’m keeping hold tightly of my desire to serve, my love of story and belief of the impact it can have.

I’m keeping hold tightly the vision of my business and the power it will bring to each person that is impacted.

What about you? where can you keep hold tightly and let go lightly?

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6 comments on “Let Go Now

  1. Seems more and more, people have become control freaks! Someone wise said, Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.

  2. I am letting go of my sweet love. Letting go of my Mom in the physical world. Letting go of all my stolen belongings. Letting go of all that no longer serves me in being of service. I hold tightly to my vision of earning a living as a deep self-care coach, wilderness rites of passage guide and wedding officiant. I hold tightly and let go simultaneously to love. Thank you.

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