Living Life – Day 11

Dare to Tell – Day 11 –

Viki’s Story

Living Life

I have always been blessed with good health.

It was just a few weeks before the big event I had been planning for months.

I woke up to find that I could barely breathe.

We rushed to the hospital and they quickly discovered that I had 85% blockage of both of my lungs.

I had been travelling on long distance flights my whole life, why now?

I was airlifted to the hospital that could handle this.

There was medication I could take.  It was a 50/50 chance.  If I didn’t take the medication, I would be dead within two hours.

My father died as a result of medical malpractice.

When I was well, it was easy to dismiss conventional medicine, to show my distain and even anger towards doctors and practitioners who, I was convinced, never listened and made bad decisions.

It was easy to ignore my fear of the medical profession, a fear that I was unwilling even to admit.

Now I had no choice.  My partner and I discussed the ‘what happens’ if I fall into the wrong 50% group.  I agreed and the medication was administered.

Over the next two weeks I was kept in intensive care and given oxygen all the time.  I had to be my own advocate but finally I found a doctor who really listened, and gave wonderful explanations and advice.

The day I drew in my first unaided breathe was the last day that I used the oxygen tanks.  My recovery was incredibly quick, within just a few weeks I was back to full health and working as usual.

It amazes me how life brings the exact experience you need to heal.  My friend told me that lung problems are connected to grieving and the ability to take in life.

The way I live now is a conscious decision and discipline to live every moment.  If once I lived life to the full day by day; now I live it moment by moment.

– Viki Winterton is the founder of Experts Insights Family of Opportunity –


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