Love – Day 21

Dare to Tell – Day 21

Aurelio’s Story


I’ve written a book, it’s about the emotional abuse I experienced from my parents and how it continued to affect my life and my marriage that failed.  People tell me it impacts them.

They can tell me personal things because I’ve opened up.

I’m in the process of marketing my book.  It’s been a tough time.  I lived in my mother’s house for 6 or 7 months and couldn’t speak to her for a lot of that time.  I was so angry with what was coming up.  I have experienced some healing and I feel closer to mom now but she’s upset about me publishing the book.  It’s pretty explicit about her.

She called this morning.  She told me she’s been having dreams about Dad.  He died a while ago now.  She denies all that I’ve written in the book.  She says, I was first born, I was the king.

I was named Aurelio.  I always thought it was because my Mom liked the Italian singer.    This morning she told me that Dad once cut Aurelio’s hair (he was a barber) and fell in love with him; he adored his music, his songs and that’s the real reason why they called me Aurelio.

She told me this story in amongst the tears and pleading that I don’t publish.

Writing the book has helped me understand that my mother has always loved me.

But had to write it down, how much she did to me.  I love them both now.  I have to get the whole truth out.  She said she loved me so many times.  It hurts.  I want to help her but for my own integrity I can’t comply.

It’s like standing in a storm, I can’t allow it move me.  All I could hear was that she told me again and again how much she loved me.


–       Aurelio Sablone is the author of ‘From Geek to Chic’ –


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