Manifesting a car crash and other special moments!

A few weeks ago I was my way to an early morning client meeting.

I had successfully navigated the demands of my kids, my dog and the early morning traffic and was making good time!

I was listening to the radio and gently thinking about the two meetings later that day and my upcoming business trip. 

In an instant my thoughts shifted, as they do.  I began to think about my car.  We had been trying to sell it for quite some time.  It had been advertised but there was very little interest.  Anyone that saw the car seemed to lose interest even more.  It has a few bumps and bruises on it!

As I drove down the highway, I thought, if only we didn’t have all those bumps and dents on the car.  I thought, someone would want to buy the car if it looked better.  I though, it’s those bumps and dents, I wish we didn’t have them.  Those dents were getting all my attention. 

The traffic had become heavy as I neared the big junction.  I pulled into the clear left lane in order to approach the turn.  As my mind traced the parts of the car that were imperfect, a woman pulled out of her lane into mine, without looking. 

I slammed on the brakes but it was too late.  I was going too fast, she was too close.  We crashed.

Guess what, another big dent on my car.

I thought, isn’t it amazing what we manifest!

And how that works in business too but only 100% of the time!

When I think about what’s not working in my business, more things seem to go wrong.  When I focus on what I haven’t yet done, I feel like I get even less finished. 

But when I think about what I have achieved and what’s working, I definitely get more better results.

Yes, it’s the law of attraction.  And yes, it works.

What we focus on truly grows.

I’ve seen evidence of this for years, in every part of my life and business.

Chances are you have too, unless you’re not paying attention.

What you focus on grows. 

But it’s up to you to come up with the evidence.  You see our mind finds evidence is everything according to what we believe. 

When you are believing the negative story, your mind finds all the reasons to justify that world view.

When you start creating and focusing on a positive version of you and your business, you will find more than enough proof to really believe that thought.

It’s all about the story you choose to turn into reality.

I guess next time I’m out on the highway, I’ll be dreaming up the great buyer for my car and the perfect replacement that I’ll get.  Let’s see how that manifests!!!

What are you manifesting?  Leave a comment below

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3 comments on “Manifesting a car crash and other special moments!

  1. I’ve had many active manifestations. That is I have asked for something to happen. On day last year, I was leaving a friend after visiting over night. When I reached for my keys where they were supposed to be they were not there. I looked everywhere. I kept being sure I had placed them where I had looked for them but no show. I took my bags apart; my friend took my bags apart. Nothing I looked all over. In the room where I had slept, beneath the couch etc. No find. Nothing. My friend wanted to know if I wanted to call AAA. I said no . I would simply meditate and then I would find the keys.

    I sat and quieted myself. “Psychic forces, why are you doing this with my keys.” No answer. “I’m willing to pay attention but you have to give me a cue to what you want otherwise there is no point, is there?” It went on this way for a wile. Then I said. “It’s time for me to leave and I need my keys. Let’s make a deal. Lead me to my keys and I will pay attention when you finally decide to speak.” I opened my eyes and went directly to the keys. Within 2 seconds, I had them in hand. Immediate beeline for the keys. They were exactly where I had laced them. My friend had not been able to find them either. It was a case of the keys hiding on me. Spookey.

    The message? Well, I don’t need to share it but it came. So I believe strongly that we manifest psychic forces.

    • Amazing story…thanks for sharing. I had something a little similar where I was looking for a story to help a client in creating his talk….I search my resources for hours and couldn’t find it…then decided I would go to sleep and trust that I will wake up with the story. And that’s what happened, it was the perfect story, my client loved it, used it and it was a great success! We find what we look for….eventually!! Thanks for sharing Denis.

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