The Miracle of Light

Whatever you’re doing today…
Perhaps you could take a moment to pause..
Light a candle… (you might be doing that anyway, we are!)
And create an intention…

And remind yourself of your story.
The story you choose to tell right now, as the year draws to a close and we move into holiday mode.

Today, we will light candles for the first night of Chanukah; a day after more violence and darkness surrounds us, and yet we light the candle, we welcome the light.

How do you welcome the light into your story, into your life?

I searched for a new story about light. But I kept coming back to the strongest of images.

The children’s faces as they light the candles for Chanukah.

Counting Christmas trees as we drove through a cold and blustery Dublin night all those years ago.

The candles lit in the church where I heard my first midnight mass.

The Chanukah presents placed lovingly around the table set for Friday-night-dinner.

The light as the sun rose over the man bent in prayer on his mat at the side of the road.

The shoes left outside the house of prayer caught in the rays of sun.

And I realized that I don’t need a new story.

This is my story of light.

This is my holiday story.

And it is a story of gratitude.

Gratitude for those moments and memories, for all the blessings around me. For those moments of grace, meditation and prayer.

And immense gratitude to the wonderful people in my life; family, friends, clients, colleagues.

With thanksgiving just passed and the holidays coming soon, this is the perfect time to hold that magical space for story.

To be truly thankful for the blessings of stories past, present and future; the memories, the relationships which are expressed through story and become your reality. Take a moment to tell that story!

I can’t wait to see what story awaits us in 2015!

What story are you creating during this holiday season?

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2 comments on “The Miracle of Light

  1. My new story is about understanding my own strength of character. That is made from my commitment, persistence and a willingness to take things one step at a time. Thanks Lisa, for making me aware of qualities that I hadn't recognized.

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