My Shocking Discovery in the Shower

It was a usual busy day.  I had worked with clients, taken the kids to the pool, returned to teach a class in the evening and dealt with the usual chores of the day.

It was late in the evening, I stepped into shower, the water was hot.  Bliss.

My head was under the thunder of the water so I didn’t hear it at first.

Then the strange noise got louder.  A kind of whine, a moan.

I felt my heart pounding, I tried to listen closer.

I turned off the water to work out where the noise came from.

The noise almost stopped when the handle of the shower faucet closed but the water was still pouring out of the handle.  I couldn’t stop it.

The shower was broken.

I called for help.  My lovely man came to the rescue (as always!).

First, he turned off the mains.  He examined the faucet and the pipe under it. It was unfixable, at least at that time of night.

The following morning there was no water in the house.  This kids were stunned.  How is that possible.  I explained and told them it’s okay we’ll manage.  One of the boys even said it was kind of scary.

It turned out there was a garden tap that was off the mains and had a slow supply of fresh water.  We filled buckets and used them to flush toilets and wash hands and dishes throughout the rest of the day.

My back hurt from lifting buckets. The kids complained. I told them that millions of people live without water permanently.  We only have to bring the buckets in from the garden.

Later that day, the shower was fixed and the water returned.

It was the biggest lesson I’ve learned in quite some time.

How, so often, I don’t even notice the luxury I live in.

How I complain about little insignificant inconveniences.

How blessed I am to simply open a tap and have a flow of fresh clean water.

How easy my life is.

I am humbled and moved by the learning from this simple day.

And so grateful.

What are you grateful for today.

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4 comments on “My Shocking Discovery in the Shower

  1. The noise and distractions of life are great. Only when something gets our attention, do we take a giant step back to see a much bigger picture. This becomes a gratefulness vantage point.

  2. It is true, Lisa that we usually take what we have for granted and moan about what we don’t have. I am grateful for a body that knows when to make me slow down and rest. Whenever I neglect myself because I am engrossed in other activities, after a point, I come down with the flu!Normally, I don’t fall sick during the flu season. It seems strange but I’ve learned to pay heed and I take a day or two off to rest, and then back in action with none of the flu symptoms that made me take a step back in the first place. Besides, the rest makes me more efficient and effective!

    • Yes, it’s amazing how our bodies responds to what we truly need…and often how dysfunctional we are in the way we deal with issues. Rest is often the best course of action! Thanks Vatsala.

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