new year and the fool’s choice

We’re celebrating the New Year this week and today I have a story about a crossroads,  the road we choose to take, a wise fool, and a great wish!


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4 comments on “new year and the fool’s choice

  1. I once made the mistake of asking a drunk for directions. "When you come to the fork in the road…Don't take it!" he said. So another question for the New Year is… where do we turn for guidance on our path? Also, another consideration… a plan and direction are good… but sometimes we have to start out with not much more than a hunch or intuition and let the path appear by the walking of it. Thanks for the opportunity for morning ruminations before a walk!

  2. I love that story Bob – who do we ask for guidance indeed!!! I also love the idea of following a hunch or our intuition, that's definitely a trusted guide for me!

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