I’m just finishing up the last few things.

Alternating between the final items for packing, the final emails and reviewing the last few tasks I wanted to do before the big day.

I’m going away.
And I’m going to be off the grid.

I mean little or no wifi for most of the 9 days and I’m thrilled!

You see, we’re going to be on a boat, sailing around the coast of Turkey.

My biggest concern is the heat … and that the boys won’t kill each other in such a confined space. Though I’m sure they’ll be too busy for that and we can always throw someone overboard if necessary!

Seriously though, unplugged time with the family is rare.

We’re taking games… as we chose which ones I realized how long it’s been since I sat with them and played. And I’m taking my coloring book – it’s been ages since I did that too.

Day to day, busy with work and running the family and my travel schedule, it’s so easy to fall into the habit of devices – for me the phone, for the kids, the computer and their phones too.

we’re submerged in our devices.

I may be talking a different tune after 9 days being unplugged, but I’m guessing not.

I think we pay a big price for our connectivity. Wonderful as it may be, it’s easier to watch a video of someone else living their life or doing a stunt to attract attention, than to spend time with our loved ones and notice the expression in their face, the distraction in their eyes.

    I’m hoping that we have a chance…

  • To just be still and notice each other.
  • To talk about the passing waves and the scenery.
  • To rediscover each persons special kind of humor.
  • To get a little irritated and bored with each other.
  • To laugh over stupid stuff.
  • To eat undisturbed by a notification or a phone call.
  • To sleep when it gets dark and wake up when it’s light.
  • I’m thrilled. And I’ll be back soon to share what happened!

When was the last time you really unplugged?

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12 comments on “Off the grid

  1. It’s been a while, Lisa, since I totally unplugged for longer than a day or so. Thanks for the reminder. I’m going to get back to setting a day each week to do that then sort out a break in the autumn. Have a wonder-full voyage! Michael x

  2. Enjoy your time away with your family, Lisa.

    We do pay a big price for connectivity and I took the drastic step of removing internet connectivity from my phone in 2008 to gain back some space. It was difficult to begin with but 10 years later, I find it was well worth it because when I’m off the computer, I’m completely focused on my offline tasks.

    One of my non-negotiables is to take Sunday off and stay unplugged. If for some reason that isn’t possible, I plan ahead and have a backup day for unplugging. It makes a world of difference.

  3. Dear Lisa,

    I understand you so well. I wish you and your family wonderful, relaxing together-days.
    Time flies, literally, the kids grow, and before you know it, they’re out of the house, to become sporadic visitors.

    I just buried a brother, with much too many things left unsaid.

    We have to rediscover talking, and heart to heart communication.

    A safe trip, and smooth sailing,


    • Thanks Maurice, sorry to hear about your mother – love the concept of ‘rediscovering talking’ – so important….

  4. Hey, enjoy the break. The internet spoils real-time human relationships, especially in family life. So important to disconnect ENJOY all the best Andrew

  5. That is so exciting have a wonderful time – We have just had the most incredible time on a little island with no technology for 17 days and our family is stronger and more engaged than it has been for so long. Its time like that where you really see how much life there is living and to be lived.


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