"Cinderella and the Coach - The Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success"

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“Lisa Bloom’s new book is a powerful and absorbing read that is a must for any new coach just getting started, or any existing coach who is ready to take their business to the next level by adding advanced coaching techniques. Lisa is a brilliant writer with a witty and engaging sense of humor that will keep you entertained while you also learn some incredible groundbreaking, results-driven information for a successful, thriving coaching practice. Get it today and get ready for the story of your success!”

Dawn Caryl Allen, CDC

“I was already a BIG believer in the power of stories and the impact it can have on building a business and anchoring learning. After reading this book, Lisa just took my belief to a whole new stratosphere. I was on the edge of my seat. Who knew learning could be so much fun?! I LOVE this book…it’s not just for coaches. It’s for anyone who is in business.” 

Jeanna Gabellini

We always remember the story. Details fade away but the story always remains. A compelling story is at the core of every successful business, every successful person. Lisa Bloom masterfully weaves some of the most wonderful wisdom tales and personal stories with guidelines to create a transformational Story Coaching business. This highly innovative and creative approach is a proven method to develop coaching expertise and attract ideal clients; creating life-changing, lasting results for the coach and the client.

If you are a new coach or an experienced one and you are looking for a fresh approach then you will be interested in this new and innovative perspective. Do you find that you are a professional re-inventor? You are constantly learning something new to refresh your coaching career? If you feel like you are looking for the new edge then this book is for you because stories make all the difference! You will learn:  

  • How to build your business authentically 
  • Lessen the stress you are feeling in your business 
  • How to differentiate yourself with your target market through creative expression  
  • The thrill of empowering others through the amazing experience of story telling 
  • And Much More

“I want you to know you are 'THE Story Coach’…and I would LOVE to learn your craft! I have a colleague who is spending ”eons” of time in ”Toast Masters” trying to hone presentation skills, so that she becomes ‘expert’ at engaging the audience…NOTHING could be more engaging tham your ‘Once Upon a Time’ methodology.” 

Ava .L. Archie

“Lisa Bloom’s book, Cinderella and the Coach – The Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success, is a ‘must read’ for every coach who wants to get life changing, lasting results with clients. Everything you need know to achieve a successful, thriving coaching business and a life of freedom and fulfillment you will find in these masterfully written pages.”

Viki Winterton Coach and Change Agent to Fortune 100 Companies, Founder Expert Insights Family of Opportunity

“No one writes about the values and pitfalls of storytelling more beautiful than you do. I enjoy every word. Thanks!”

Peter Fruhmann The Storybag, The Netherlands

‘Cinderella and The Coach – The Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success’ is a must read for coaches and entrepreneurs; actually, anyone interested in business success! Are you ready to get started?

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