Panic Or Not

I was walking with my brother. Evening time.

“I’ve met cute guy…I think I’ll call him.”calm

He stopped in his tracks. 

“Do me a favor Lis, don’t call him.”

“Why?’ I asked, “he seems really nice, I think it would be great to get to know him and I think he was interested.”

“Just wait, okay?…guys like to make the first move. Let him make a bit of an effort.”

“But what if he doesn’t call?”

“Well, maybe he’s not that interested,” my bro said.

I did what he said.

And about a week later, the guy called. He had had to make a big effort.  To track down my number from a mutual friend, but he did it and called.

And it was really nice to know that he must be a little interested.

You know I married that guy.

And I’ve never thought about it but it taught me alot.

(And I don’t think I ever thanked my brother!)

I realize how much this story related to my business these days. And or course to me, my approach, the way I handle stuff.

You see, I’m pretty focused, quite driven.

I usually know what I want and there’s nothing I love more than to just make it happen. To connect to a goal and go for it.

But sometimes, that amount of drive can be quite forceful. I can get all wrapped up in making something happen without pausing to consider whether the timing is right and what the bigger picture is. Most importantly, in this driven state, I don’t see anyone or anything in the way. It can be insensitive and sometimes create the reverse effect of what I’m trying to achieve.

Sometimes it’s important to sit back, to set intention and then relax into it. To trust that what will be will be.

It doesn’t mean that you have to wish upon a star and then expect the universe to deliver. I don’t believe that.

It means you set intentions, take appropriate actions and then trust that it will work out.

In my experience, it ALWAYS does.

Sometimes I don’t immediately recognize how kind the universe is. I don’t notice that I have received exactly what I want. But it’s always true.

Right now it’s happening.

Summer time. People are on vacation. Business is slow.

At first I was panicked. What should I do? How can I drum up more work? What will happen? I went into negative, pessimistic stories.

And then I realized that this is exactly what I need and even what I asked for.

Time to be with the kids when they’re off school.

Time to prepare for and take our family vacation.

Time to take stock and check in with my yearly goals and strategy.

Time to develop my new program.

Exactly what I need.

No mistakes.

And this is always true.

Can you see how this works in your life and business?
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4 comments on “Panic Or Not

  1. Great story! Wonderful insight for those of us who tend to get very busy and goal oriented. The part about setting the intention toward a goal, doing the necessary work and then letting it go is an excellent way to move through life in a more peaceful way. The universe really can come through for us in amazing ways if we allow it to happen. Thanks Lisa for this story.

  2. Spot on, Lisa. Like you I prefer to be taking the initiative and can get impatient at “other people’s” timescales. But often, when I wait, the right thing happens at the right time. And then I spend the quieter times feeling I need to keep things ticking over rather than allowing them to re-create me. Thank you for the timely reminder.

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