Raw – Day 39

Day 39 – Dare to Tell 

Jane’s Story


It was 11 years ago.  I was working as a full time corporate accountant, in a high flying well paid job, in London.  I was working hard and playing hard (going out clubbing all the time). I was a smoker and a drinker.   Nothing I ate was good for me, just ‘take-away’ and fast food.

Then my body broke down.

I had been travelling around the world and I picked up a parasite called Giardia.  Whatever I ate was feeding the parasite and I wasn’t getting any nutrition.  I had very skinny arms and legs and a fat stomach.  I looked like a starving Cambodian child, or like I was pregnant.

I remember feeling constant hunger and all I wanted pure sugar or pure fat.  It’s all that the parasite wanted.  The cravings were very strong; I had allergies and constant emotional upset.

Every now and then I would want to eat something healthy but my body could not tolerate anything.  Even if I had an apple, I would have severe reaction.

I had no stamina, no energy; the doctor’s didn’t know what to do with me.  They thought I was suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and gave me drugs.  It made things worse.  I knew I was really ill and no one was listening to me.  I was so alone and very fearful.  My intuition was shouting that it was more than irritable bowel.  I didn’t believe in what the doctors were doing.

I started researching on the internet. I found a Canadian doctor and wrote to tell him of my symptoms.  He sent me to do bowel test and we discovered severe candida, tape worms and all the rest. I had been strangling my colon, I wasn’t getting fed; I was suffering from malnutrition, I was dying.

I felt like finally someone was taking this seriously.  I gave up my job, packed up and went off to Canada for a month.  For the first two weeks I was put on a diet of water, vitamins and minerals and a colonic every day.  It was an emotional roller-coaster.  I was lonely and scared.  For the first three days I was starving and I thought I was going crazy.  Then my hunger stopped and I started to feel better.  My energy level started to creep up and I looked forward to not eating and the ‘colonics’.

The next week was a pleasure, it was so liberating. I was on a juice diet and I had so much energy I would go off on treks. My body weight went down drastically but I was looking healthy and I had glowing skin.  Within 3 weeks I was cleared of my condition.  Then I went on blended smoothies, fruits then green smoothies.  On the last day I was given a raw food diet to follow for the next 2 weeks and to continue when I got home.

In a month I had cured myself on a raw food diet.  During the next year I went back and forth, I got candida twice and realized that I needed to stick with raw food.  So I taught myself all about it.

It’s been 11 years.  I have been completely cured.  The hikes turned into runs and then I became an athlete for long distance running.  Now I run high endurance 100 kilometer races, on raw food.

During this process, I found a new part of me that I’d never touched before; my spirituality, my authentic self.  I love living so much closer to nature; I have more confidence and self-esteem, a very healthy body image, good body weight and optimal health.

Best of all, I’m happy all the time, I’m happy for no reason; no more emotional roller coaster, no more mood swings.

Now I teach nutrition and fitness in the raw food area.  I help people create a proper diet – get off processed, refined foods onto a healthy fresh, plant based diet.  I help people become healthy, happy and fit – and I love being the best example of that!

Jane Manthorpe is the Happy Uncooked Athlete of www.happyuncookedathlete.com

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