Role-Model : Day 63

 –          Terry’s Story

I was born in Israel and in due course have joined the Israeli Army. My position during this period was to welcome 18 years young ladies to the army, train their mind and body and transform them into confident, reliable, healthy and fit soldiers that the country could rely on.

I remember one girl in particular with long, polished finger nails and lipstick. She  came “ armed “ with her mobile phone, ready  to call her mother, complaining that the mattress was hard, the food was bad. I decided to give her more attention. I identified with her; that was me a few years before, very vulnerable but putting on a front, as if to say ‘I know everything and you can’t tell me what to do.’

She provided a challenge and a lesson for me. I was training her and the whole group for 3 months. At 18 you don’t know what to do with your life but joining the army is not by choice, it’s what everyone does. It is strenuous, highly demanding. You have to get up at 4 am, carry your heavy bag for days, do all kinds of night activities, finding your way by the stars.

This girl was very spoilt; she didn’t know much and, at first, was reluctant to learn. But I could see how, slowly, she developed. Every day she learned something new, adopting fresh, positive habits. Her name was Elena, and for 3 months I grew with her, seeing how she handled each assignment with bravery and courage. Even now when I’m faced with a challenge, I remember her and she is still my ’ Invigorator ‘ . I ask myself, what would Elena do in this situation?

I looked at her, noticing the way she spoke, the way she held herself. It’s a kind of vibration, a resonance; you know your type and who’s going to be your friend. She wasn’t very friendly in the beginning because I wasn’t very friendly either but after 3 months, although we didn’t say much, I knew I had changed her life. It sounds so bombastic but I felt she changed mine too.

It’s like she gives me spiritual motivation, empowerment in a way. Maybe, after so many years, I could try to locate her but I don’t know if I want to. Maybe it’s best to leave it as it is; a pearl that I don’t want to touch, I can enjoy it again and again.

I didn’t feel this kind of connection with someone for a long time. It’s different when you’re 18 and 20 rather than many years later. When you grow up you get more cynical, more skeptical. You don’t allow yourself to create this kind of intimately spiritual relationship. Pity.

It’s a daring thing for me to talk about this story after so many years. It still feels very important and meaningful. I’m surprising myself.  I thought it wouldn’t matter so much after so long but it’s very vivid, nevertheless.

She graduated, passed all tests with flying colors. I have no regrets in not wanting to talk or see her again but I remain grateful to her. For me, it was like putting her on a pedestal, she was my role-model and yet she didn’t do or know anything about it.

When the graduation ceremony finished, she said ‘thank you’. That was all. She had tears in her eyes, she never said anything else, neither of us did but she came to me quietly and, simply said ‘thank you’.

It’s something that I never forget.

Sometimes your role models are not heroes, famous people or folks more experienced than you. Your students, who you train, can be your role models.

I like to think that I’m a role model now. I help women explore and develop hidden inner resilience and strength in mind and body. I love it. I’ve been doing it for many, many years. It’s my passion and purpose to instill the notion in my trainees that they are a lot stronger than they think.   If you dare, you can do it.  Self – belief is key.

I call myself the Re-Invigorator;  helping professional, busy, stressed, overweight women get healthier in mind and body, stronger, fitter,  more energetic and confident , so they can have long, exciting, vibrant lives, especially those that do not prioritize themselves too high. They forever put their children, their work and often, even their car as top priority, neglecting their own bodies and souls. Women give and give and give; it’s about time to get something back.

I encourage women to grant themselves the gift of Good Health, more Energy and Self Esteem. They deserve it.  Their loved ones and friends around them deserve it, too.

Unexpected people move you in unexpected ways.   Be open…. Say ‘Yes’ to Life.

 – Terry Bahat can be found at  and FaceBook: Terry Bahat

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