Say It Out Loud

When my friend arrived at the Cafe, she seems both stressed and distracted.  We ordered coffee, sat down and she burst out, “that’s it.  I’m doing it.  I’ve sent out lots of resumes but I need a job NOW. Not in three months but right now.  I’ve been confused for ages, but I just have to get started.”

We talked for a while about her transitioning career, her desire to start afresh and her indecision about which direction.

She has gone through hard times over the last year.  My heart went out to her and I was happy to hear of her determination and clarity.

And as always our conversation drifted to the kids, the community, the school system, the books we’ve read.

About an hour or so later we were getting ready to leave.

Just as we stood up, her phone rang.

I saw a small smile cross her face. It was a job interview.  For the very next day.

She put the phone day and said, “I just can’t believe it.  I’ve sent out so many resumes but this is the first call back.  I wonder what’s different today?”

Well, it seemed pretty clear to me what was different today.

You see, today she got clear, and said it out loud.

Over the last few months, her indecision and confusion seemed to rule.

Today she made the statement and the universe responded.

Has that ever happened to you?

It’s certainly happened to me, but only EVERY time I get crystal clear about what I want and say it out loud.

For me it’s worked for getting speaking engagements, clients and even cash.

So don’t wait. Do it now.

Make a decision about what you want.  Get really clear with all the details.  Then say it out loud.

I’d love to hear what happens!

Share here if you’ve had this happen to you!

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