Seeing, Knowing – Day 10

Dare to Tell – Day 10 

Renee’s Story

Seeing, Knowing

As a little girl I could always sense pain, see illness, and notice happiness.  And when I played, there were characters, stories and voices everywhere.  The garden would be a whole world for me.  It made people a little nervous.

I sensed and said things that were not quite ‘normal’ for a child.  Adults felt uncomfortable with my truths.

I remember asking my mother’s friend “Do you have a headache?”  She seemed surprised and bothered by my question, “no, I’m fine”.   But later she asked my mother if there was any medication in the house.

So I hid away, I stopped telling people what I noticed.  I shut it down.  I even began to forget what I could see and sense.  I became withdrawn and unhappy; I struggled with my weight and my health.

It was years later when I found myself in a metaphysical bookshop.  I didn’t know it was there and I had no idea what kind of books these were.  It was like a magnet pulled me in and magic kept me there.

I stood in the middle of the store and noticed the books moving without me touching them.  One even fell to the floor.  I felt a wave of emotion sweep over me and I began to cry.

I picked up the book that had fallen beside my feet, it was about Angel Healing.  Time stopped.  I carried that book around with me everywhere.  My healing had begun.

I discovered a whole world where I could help others while discovering myself; starting with my natural talent for massage and body work

Last Sunday, I felt a connection to a family member who I had heard was in a coma.  I saw her there.  I told her it was okay, I saw the angel, she could go.  Later that day, I was told that she had passed away just at that time.

Here in Nigeria I feel the fear of the world; the greed and ugliness, the pain and distrust.  It is a strange and perfect place for me to be putting the pieces together.

A lifetime of travel and cultural diversity and yet I now know that I have always been different, I communicated on another level.  It’s time to stop living the fear of my unusual knowing and instead receive and offer its gifts.


– Renee Vos De Wael  is the founder of ‘Intuitive Coaching’ –

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8 comments on “Seeing, Knowing – Day 10

  1. This is a beautiful and amazing story that definitely resonates in my heart and soul. Each of us have a story!
    My family always told me I was a “imaginative” child; especially when I just seemed to know things that I did not know how that could be. One day I came home from a restaurant, where a “hurricane lamp broke” during the meal. I knew then, that my Great Aunt, my Grandma’s Sister, passed on! When I went home, I sat down with my Mom and told her what happened, and that I knew that Aunt Esther passed on! My Mom, looked at me, and said” Now, Beth……” and then called her house, to find out that she had just passed on.

    A long time after that I was in a hit and run accident. I was told I would not ever walk again, due to the extent of the accident. Prior to that, I was told that something terrible would happen to me, if I did not leave my husband. This did not seem realistic. However, I was wrong. A series of amazing incidents prior to this accident happened, with signs that I did not think had any meaning. What was to follow, changed my life in more ways than one could imagine. I started writing this story “to inspire”, during the 4 and a half years wheelchair bound, and paralyzed from a hit and run. However, with so many unbelievable things that went on during this time, I stopped writing. I found myself meeting people, that seemed to be placed before me, as if by “magic”, and I found myself listening to their challenges, which lead me to share stories that resulted in my being told “you need to write your story”, or ” tell your story”…. To date, my stories continue to have people sitting at the edge of their seats, wanting to hear more, and my journey continues with “new challenges” and more stories that have “helped make a difference” for those I meet.

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