Show Some Respect, Please.

Show some respect, please.

Walking through the gorgeous streets of Riga last week I noticed a shop front that literally stopped me in my tracks. And made me laugh out loud. 

I took a bad quality shot of it  – here it isBurgerstory – yes that’s right, ‘Burger Story’!

I thought, isn’t that typical. Not only is everyone and everything a coach – now they’re all stories too.

You see, I’ve gotten used to everyone and their brother telling me they are a coach because they’ve read a book or taken a 2 hour virtual course.

I’ve even stopped getting annoyed at the people who feel they can give you advice and tell you how to lead your life because of their coaching expertise

(ironic because that’s not at all what we do as coaches!!)

And now they’ve started with story?

Truth is, story has been around since the beginning of time – I’ve no problem with that. But there used to be more respect for the concept.

Call me old-fashioned but shouldn’t there be a standard for how we use words? Like is EVERYTHING story, or can we put some quality and wisdom back?

What happened to sitting around the campfire? What happened to the stories of the sages, the old, the wise, the ones who have learned wisdom through long, tough lives?

What happened to paying homage to history, memory and personal experience?

If you lean in close to this picture above, you’ll see their company banner – a kind of coat of arms. It’s engraved and profound letters “B.S”  – how fitting!

You may call me a snob, but I believe in quality and respect and standards. That’s why I take my Certified Story Coach Program seriously and get it accredited by the ICF every year. It’s why I request feedback and then make changes to the program as a result.

That’s why I’m convinced that if you want to deepen your coaching skills, have a more profound impact on your clients and make your business more profitable, then it’s worth checking out this or any established and recognized program. 

I would be thrilled if you would check this out and contact me if you have any questions. This course is for you, for your creativity, your stories and your ability to change the world by making a huge difference to your clients.

And it may not be for you, but what if it is?
You can take a look here

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