Still Celebrating!

Can you believe that it’s May already?

It’s such a great time of year and with that
there is always the question, are we on track,
have we done what we planned in our business, is
there more we could be doing?

In the next few days I will be letting you know
about some very exciting opportunities coming up
but for today, I’m still celebrating!

You see, it was my birthday a few days ago and
I’m still enjoying it!

It was a perfect day!  I was woken up with
breakfast in bed which my boys then proceeded to
eat themselves as I opened up the cards they had
prepared for me! 

A walk in nature with my dog…then in the
afternoon, I performed at a local festival with a
group of wonderful storytellers.  We had spent the
previous week together exploring folktales and
personal tales and how they connect.
It’s amazing how we find ourselves in everything
we tell.

And the day ended bundled up around the fire with
great food and drink, good friends, songs and
wonderful stories.  What more could a girl ask

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your
special day?

Please share below!

Best wishes and best stories,



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2 comments on “Still Celebrating!

  1. Lisa, what a lovely day that must have been. My perfect birthday was my 40th which was just over a year ago. My partner and daughter took the day off, I was treated to a lie in, once up my partner had been and bought fresh croissants which we ate with bucks fizz while having my nails done. We took my granddaughter for a lovely lunch and then called at the Trafford Centre to collect my wonderful present which was my engagement ring ! My partner and I went out for a lovely meal that evening. The following day was spent getting ready for a fantastic night out with very special friends, my partner and my daughter and her boyfriend.
    The whole weekend was amazing and one I’ll never forget !

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