Stop Celebrating

I remember what it was like.
The Holiday Party.
They’d send us to a swanky restaurant or hotel. The whole company would show up, dolled up.

I’d would wonder if I should brave the freezing cold weather and wear my slinky, sexy black number and high heels. Was it worth the suffering so I could wow them; they were so used to seeing me in corporate strait jacket.

It was the same with the conversation.
Suddenly the corporate speak, loosened by a little too much wine, disappeared and real people showed up. Sometimes a little too much!

The night would go on in a blur, dinner followed by nightclub, followed by breakfast. And then the recovery. Days of recovery.

What were we celebrating?
A free bar?
The christmas hamper left at our desk earlier in the week?

This IS a great time to celebrate. It’s also a great time to think back over the year and really make sense of what’s worth celebrating.

I can guarantee you that if it’s the list above, then you should STOP CELEBRATING.

It’s not about that.
It’s not about what you get and what you survive?

There has to be something else, right?

As so much of the world moves into celebration this week, I am celebrating.

I’m celebrating in a quiet, reflective way. In a deeply grateful and satisfied way.

Not that all is done, all is achieved, all is created.
But I am so deeply thankful for what is.

In this year’s messy imperfection.
…in it’s sometimes painful, difficult manifestation at times.
…in it’s unexpected challenge.

I’m celebrating.
Having the best clients and mentors.
Traveling to some amazing gigs this year.
Hearing some of the most moving stories from YOU.

I’m celebrating.
Being alive, healthy, passionate and powerful.
Being blessed by telling the story of all this, every day, every moment.

What are you celebrating today?
Share it here.

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2 comments on “Stop Celebrating

  1. Hi Lisa. Happy Hannukah! I was a schoolteacher in the 70s so our Christmas parties weren’t extravagant. I’ve been self employed since 1980 and so no “big office parties”. What I’m celebrating / grateful for is being alive, having family and friends to care about, and that I can still help people with my gifts. I’m thankful and celebrate every day!

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