Stop – Notice – NOW

I’ve noticed it a lot recently.  It really bothers me.

I was out with my kids.  We were in a store.  My little boy pointed to a strange looking salad server and asked, what is that?  I explained.  Then he said, oh that’s useful.  And went on, very intently, to examine the other items he didn’t recognize.  He made comments and asked questions all the while.  The shop assistant turned to me and said, he’s adorable, so smart, so inquisitive, a darling!  And to be honest, I hadn’t noticed.  I am used to his cuteness, his adorability – I just didn’t notice.

A few years ago, some family members came to visit us while we were living in Ireland.  We spent days travelling with them, taking them to all the gorgeous places that we knew.  In each place they said, oh, this reminds me of Germany when we were there last year.  Or this is just like that little village we saw in Wales.  Or that tastes just like at home.  There seemed to be nothing new, no wonder, no awe.

I worked on the 17th floor of a city center building.  My office was a semi-circle of glass with a spectacular view in every direction; the sea on one side, the sprawling city on the other.  I remember the day a friend came to visit.  He walked into my office and said WOW, that’s amazing.  I actually had to ask him what he meant – you see, I’d stopped noticing how stunning the view was.

We get used to stuff.  And that really bothers me.  Because it makes us complacent.  We stop see the wonder, we stop feeling the passion.

And it’s the exact same with your business.

When was the last time you stopped everything and just celebrated how incredibly well you are doing?  When did you just notice have far you’ve come. 

Well, today’s the day.

Look around you.  Breathe deeply and notice how much you have achieved.  Even if you’ve come just a few little steps, well done, you did it!  But what’s more than likely is that you’ve taken some massive steps you just haven’t really been noticing.  You haven’t paid attention to the wonder and awe of what you have achieved. 

So, notice, celebrate and be in the moment! 

And now share something great that you’re noticing now about what you have created.  Here now, in the comments!

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