Stop, take a day

You may have heard about this. It’s been pretty well circulated over the last week or so. Here’s how I got to it.meditate

I was invited to join a Mastermind Group a few weeks ago. Just in the door, I heard about one of the long  standing members had been diagnosed with a bad cancer, incurable, untreatable and given just a few weeks. The way in which Mike Seddon received this news, made his choices and then began  to give back to the group simply amazed and inspired me.

He has been so generous with his time and resources and with such humor, calm and positivity. It’s been astounding to witness.

When Mike and Dov Gordon (his friend & colleague) decided to hold ‘The Last Webinar’ so that Mike would have a chance to share his wisdom and what he says has helped him immensely to copy with this final stage of his life, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

And I wanted to share a few of those amazing nuggets of wisdom.

Mike talked about talking regular time out, a half day or day to contemplate and meditate on your life and business. The phrase was duly coined in the group, these are now officially called ‘Seddon Days’!

The idea is to take out this time to think through some questions.

I want to share with you just the first 3 (there are 5 in all). Here they are:

  1. What’s my “why” and am I living it?

So, why did you choose to do what you are doing in your business and are you still living that dream?

What is the real reason that you care about what you do? Most people mention their families at this stage but that can be a trap – it can trick yo into working non-stop because you have to ‘provide’ – so what is the reason beyond that?

For me – it’s about helping people see that they can create a wonderful reality by becoming aware of the stories that hold them back and transforming them – so that they  create the business and life they dream of.

2.   What does SUCCESS look like?

So this isn’t just a spreadsheet of numbers relating to your expenses and profits.  This is about how you life should look. What do you want to be doing in your life and business and with whom?

For me – it’s always been about being able to spend time with my family and still do work that’s meaningful, fulfilling and profitable.

3.   Am I enjoying the journey? 

Having future goals is great, it’s important, it’s your destination.  But what’s more important is to be away of how you travel, how you get there.  There’s no point in building a business or life that focuses on how great it will be when you ‘arrive’.  You need to find the journey as amazing as the anticipated destination.

For me – that’s sorting out my life-work balance, always a challenge to me and to make sure that I take good care of myself too as I build my business.

If you’d like to hear ‘The Last Webinar’, and I warmly recommend it, you can do so here:

And please share your takeaways and commitments from these 3 questions.  When’s your next Seddon day? Post it below.

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2 comments on “Stop, take a day

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for writing this and spreading the about Seddon Days.

    I feel it’s probably the most important contribution I’ve made to the business owner / entrepreneur community.

    Bless you


    • Oh Mike, my pleasure – thank you for your wisdom and inspiration – wishing you wonderful days and lots of love, Lisa

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