Stories and Healing

There has been an amazing thread on the Healing Story Alliance this week.  A woman wrote in that though she has been a storyteller for many years, she has now found herself without words.  Her daughter has been living with her for the last 6 months after a very painful divorce, and has just tried to commit suicide.  This woman wrote in looking for some advice and support on what to ‘say’ or tell.  The response has been overwhelming; supportive, warm, open, loving, great advice and at times, quite profound. 

I have found myself checking my email again and again to see what responses are coming in.  It has affected me in a profound way.  What a life giving force.  The idea that someone would find themselves without words, but finds warmth, acceptance, support and love from a fairly anonymous source…is incredible.  The advice was mostly around not necessarily finding words but justing being there, just being a witness and above all to find strength in acceptance and hope.  Also, asking questions without expecting an answer to simply ‘plant the seed’.  This all seems so relevant to coaching and of course storytelling for healing….

The original poster then sent in a thankyou and signed it with: “Peace will come and you have helped”.

How beautiful, how profound.  How relevant to life, coaching, storytelling and this crazy part of the world.  This thread was a gift!  Thankyou!

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