Summer loving…

Summer loving….

Not too hot, nor cold.

readingA comfy chair.

A great book.


A cup of tea.

A cool breeze.

An empty house.

Wow, it’s been a while since I could have such luxurious reading time. These days it seems to be squeezed between running the kids somewhere, getting through a business meeting, delivering a webinar and dropping exhausted to sleep.

I love reading. There’s nothing like a great novel. Or even a good non-fiction book. I love the smell of books. I love libraries and book shops. It feels like a love story for me – my relationship with reading.

I remember my mythological teacher – a true ‘captain my captain’, Dead Poet’s Society experience. He used to bring bag loads of books to class and literally throw them at us, the readers in the class. He discovered I was an avid reader and really honed my tastes to great literature, classical and modern. I’m so grateful for his influence and how he believed in me as a writer (long before I believed in myself).

What I remember and savor to this day….

The comfort and joy of story

The delight in expanding your world and possibility through story

Someone else’s belief in me and what I could do and be in the world.

I guess it was the earliest influence for my greatest passion in life, to support people in discovering the power of story to transform their lives.

So I’ll leave you with some great reading experiences I’ve had recently and in the past:

Being Mortal – Atul Gawande

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

The Robber Bride – Margaret Atwood

A Prayer for Owen Meaney – John Irving

This summer, if you have any reading time, grab one of these books.

And now I’d love to hear what book you recommend for me this summer!
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7 comments on “Summer loving…

  1. Thank you, Lisa. A favorite of mine is Tamara Overlee’s beautiful book, The Truth of Life From the World of Love and Spirit. It inspires, encourages and challenges me to be all that I can be. No matter how many times I read and reread it there is always something there that speaks to exactly what I’m experiencing in my life at the moment. Wishing you a joyous summer filled with fine books that speak to your heart and soul.

  2. I read Owen Meany in my college years and still go back to reading random chapters – one of my all time favorite books! I also like Margaret Atwood. For a fast, fun read and for anyone who has ever felt befuddled by the latest technology fads, I recommend Techbitch by Lucy Sykes, Jo Piazza –

  3. Favorites of mine… anything by Elizabeth Gilbert; her newest Big Magic is inspiring. Brene Brown’s newest Riding Strong and Amanda Palmer’s, The Art of Asking… both amazing and powerful. Enjoy!

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