Summer Survival Tips

This is based on a post I wrote a few years ago but I’m reminded of it every year as the summer arrives. It never gets old!

One of the most common challenges we face as business owners is the feeling of total overwhelm; so much to do and so little time and resources available.

And for many of us, summer often brings sheer panic.

The kids are off school for such a long time, how will I get anything done at all?

And I do want to enjoy the extra time that I have with the family but I have to get SOME work done, bring some money in; it’s completely overwhelming.

As I started thinking this through, I realized that this is not just a summer time issue.  This is really part of the life of any business owner, especially a Mom working from home.

How do we balance the demands of family and home life with the needs of our business?

How do we balance the passion we feel for our work with the tendency to get simply exhausted by how much others seem to need us?

I realized that the list of survival tips that I had thought about for my summer with the kids is as relevant for entrepreneurs in business all year long.

So I’m delighted to share with you my ’10 Terrific Tips for Summer Survival (and perhaps all year round too!)’

Here they are:

1. Breathe Deeply – Always a great way to start to de-stress and think of positive actionable plans!

With your own business, you sometimes don’t notice the stress creeping up until you feel completely overwhelmed…just breathe!

2. Think back to when you were a kid – remember how you felt on that first day of summer vacation.

Your passion and excitement for your business can be quickly and easily rekindled by thinking back to that moment when you decided you would do this, or a specific moment when you see the benefits your client got from working with you

3. Allow yourself feel the freedom of summer – decide how much you want and need to work.

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you have to work night and day.  Actually it’s the opposite; remember why you wanted to do this, create your IDEAL lifestyle starting RIGHT NOW!

4. Create a Calendar for the summer – seeing it mapped out really helps!

If you’re not working on a daily, weekly, monthly plan – well, you should be, take the time on a regular basis to plan your up and down times – it’ll totally transform your productivity

5. Schedule Summer Activities that you can sign the kids up for

Schedule your activities that you need to keep you on track – appointments with the people who serve your business; web designer, accountant, lawyer…

6. Schedule down time, home time for the kids too! – remember they’re on vacation!

Schedule your time with your family and friends; make the extra effort to create that quality time, not just functional time.  You’ll see what a difference it makes to everyone!

7. And don’t forget time for yourself…just because the kids are home more doesn’t mean you can’t fit in time to work out, see friends, or just read a good book.

You should have daily and weekly activities that feed you.  For me it’s walking, swimming & Zumba – keeps me fit, sane and happy as can be!

8. Get out into Nature, take the kids on a hike, cycle or run…just get them out, away from TV screens, Facebook, computer games and mobile phones – and that includes you too!

Yes, turn them off.  I mean it, at least one day a week you should forbid yourself from checking email, facebook or any other technology enhanced device – why, because you’re worth it!

9. Repeat no. 8 on a weekly basis!  And include a picnic every now and again!

Like that great movie, where the hero gets led out of his office by his new love to the park across the street, she takes off his shoes and socks and makes him walk barefoot…well, you too, grass or sand – get your toes tickled as you eat a delicious picnic somewhere in nature!

10. Accept that it’s summertime and that means that you will probably work less but not necessarily achieve less.  Let it go, relax, enjoy the opportunity to spend more time with your family and find this new balance.  The quicker you accept the shift to summertime, the more you’ll enjoy it!

This is a shift for life!  It’s your business, it’s your life – create it exactly how you want and make it great!

I’m just signing off now, to go meet an old friend.  Later, I’ll sit down and do some summer activity planning for the whole family.

Why not share a survival tip of your own, right here.

And have a great summer!

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