Take the Plunge and Swim to Inspiration, Gratitude and a Quieter Mind!

I’ve started swimming again!

It took a while for me to make the commitment and
actually do it, I mean it can be so boring! But
I’ve done it and to be honest, it’s so much fun!
There’s something about the feeling of kicking off
from the side of the pool and sailing through the
cool water; then stretching my arm over my head
and feeling my body propelled forward. I’m not a
fast swimmer, but I can keep going for quite a

After about 6 lengths, I usually feel really
tired. My arms are heavy and it feels like my
legs are dragging and I wonder why I was so
enthusiastic about getting in the water at all.
But I push on. After about 10 lengths I start to
recover. I feel the tiredness flow away and I
start really enjoying myself! I have to admit
though, it is quite boring this swimming thing?
but I find I do a lot of thinking under the water,
it’s so quiet, and there’s not much else to do
really. I’m always inspired by the quiet under
the water and after a few lengths it definitely
helps quiet my mind!

So, when I get out of the water, my body feels
toned and my head is clear. Yesterday, between 14
and 15 lengths, I suddenly had a realization about
what getting back to swimming teaches me about
life, so I wanted to share it with you today!

1. Sometimes things get tough quite early on?but
if you keep going, it eases up.
2. You don’t have to be the fastest, you just need
to stay in the water!
3. Just when you think you’re out of air, all you
need to do is lift your head and breathe deeply!
4. I doesn’t matter how much time or money you
spend on how you look, when we put on that swim
hat, we all look ridiculous!
5. Keeping your body fit and your mind clear, is
like opening yourself up to gratitude, health,
life and love.

So next time you feel tired, listless and
uninspired, I strongly recommend that you find a
pool or a beach. It will probably be the last
thing in the world you feel like doing. You’ll
probably have a million reasons why you simply
can’t take the time to do it. You may even
persuade yourself that it won’t make any
difference. But I know you can do it, and you’ll
feel great; go for it, go for a swim!

Have a wonderful week and go on, take the plunge!

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