Taking the Leap (even if you’re not ready!)

It was about 15 feet above the water, a small shelf jutting out over what looked like the deepest part of the pool.  Hidden in a forest on a mountain path, only the locals knew of this magical place.

We had hiked for a few hours to get there, plunged into the ice cold water and then dried off in the sunny patches between the gorgeous shade of the trees surrounding the pool.

They had all jumped in. My friends, the local kids half my age and even their parents. I felt sick at the thought. The pressure was on!

I edged up the slippery side of the pool, climbed over the rocks and finally reached the ledge. It seemed much higher than what it looked like from the pool below.

Well, I’d like to say that I took a deep breadth and jumped but I didn’t.  I froze.  I felt sick to my stomach.  My knees were literally shaking.  I couldn’t climb down and I couldn’t jump.

35 long slow minutes went by. Everyone had given up hope. They stopped looking. Stopped shouting encouraging comments. I just stood there. Not knowing what to do. Feeling miserable, an utter failure.

And finally, I jumped.  Not because the fear went away.  Not because I felt brave.  Not because I was ready.

I jumped because I couldn’t bear the idea that I would back down and give up.

I jumped because I knew that this was about a lot more than this rock pool.  It was about my entire life.  It was about every risk I may take and every fear I may face. I had to jump.

And now I see that I jump all the time in my business.  Not because I have no fear.  Not because I’m ready.  But because I have to.

Because I don’t want to back down, give in to doubt, give up my dream.

I jump by taking opportunities that I don’t feel ready for.

I jump by agreeing to do stuff that seems more than I can handle.

I jump by hiring coaches and copywriters.

I jump by supporting other people in the industry who are doing great work.

I jump by asking them to support me to.

When was the last time you jumped?
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2 comments on “Taking the Leap (even if you’re not ready!)

  1. I wrote an e-book in December last year that I planned to use to attract an audience. Then a family tragedy struck and I lost my momentum. For some reason, I also lost faith in the entire project. Someone reminded me about the e-book about a month later and I decided to share it. It was (and still is) far from perfect and sometimes it’s still a struggle to believe in myself. Anyway, I’m glad I leapt.

    • Sorry to hear of your family tragedy Vivian, and I’m glad you got your ebook out…well done for leaping! best wishes, Lisa

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