Terrible News

It was early morning. The kids had just left for school and the whole day lay ahead, plenty of time to get all my tasks done before my client meetings were to start and the kids would be back.

It was a gorgeous day.  They’d call it a great drying day back in Ireland, the laundry flapping in the sun drenched breeze. The flowers were bright and the dog sniffed around the garden, looking for treasures.  It was so quiet & peaceful, it was perfect.

Before heading to my office, I made my breakfast and turned on the news. The outlook is grim, they said. A report of terrorist activities miraculously foiled, possible war looming in the very near future. I felt my stomach contract, a lump in my throat and a dull ache in my temples.news

Within seconds my mind was flooded with vivid pictures, a kind of visual game of association. The neighbors son killed in the last conflict, his funeral, the funeral of our friend’s brother who had committed suicide, his youngest son crying, my sons.

I stopped eating. I felt sick. It was so quick. From a perfect day to complete desolation and nauseous anxiety.

The thing is, the very same news is on every day, in every country in one form or another.  Bad stuff happens all the time.

The sun was still shining. It was still a beautiful day, nothing had changed.

Except my internal state. Controlled entirely by me.

How often do we do this. Everything is as it is, as it is meant to me (or else it wouldn’t be like that) and then we start getting involved. Start worrying, giving in to our fears, allowing the anxiety take over.

And all is spoilt. The perfect day is gone.

And we do it in our business. The deal falls through, cash flow gets tight or some project completely fails. The most natural thing in the world is to go into crisis. To question the heart of the business and the reasons why it didn’t work as it was supposed to. To want to give up.

But there is another way.

The way of trust and faith (and I don’t mean the institutionalized version). Trust in yourself, faith in the universe and what is meant to be.

The way of listening to the heart of you, to your own story and allowing the future to unfold as it is will.

The way of gratitude for all that is and releasing all that is not.

I took a deep breathe that morning. I turned off the news. I stood up and stretched, I turned on some music. I walked out of the house and slowly walked through the garden soaking the warm sun rays into my skin.

All was well, it always is.

What story do you need to let go of today?

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