The Crazy & The Calm

It was a perfect morning. My morning meditation/prayer walk noticing the gorgeous landscape, greeting the sky, the birds, the trees as if I’d never seen them before. Perfect.

I felt calm, peaceful – all was well. calm

As I turned into the path that leads down to the view of the valley I heard the sound of low flying aircraft.

Without any awareness or intention I saw clear pictures in my mind; aircraft bombers, homes destroyed, people destitute. It was instantaneous, automatic. How our mind takes us to places that we are barely aware that we know.

And in that instant my perfect morning turned into a war zone. My heart was pounding, a light sweat broke on my forehead, I was out of breath. Terrifying.

A moment later, I brought myself back to sky, tree, birds, the path and moved into a calmer space, shocked at how easy and fast it was to be violently taken out of the perfect moment.

There have been times in my life where this happened A LOT.

I have been living in war zones in my mind. I have experienced emotional despair. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

One of the areas that can be prone to this kind of experience, is in business.

You know the moment. All is well, you’re about to sit down to a client conversation, or just doing some social media or checking your calendar for the week’s schedule when it hits. Total panic about your finances, irritation with someone on your team, distrust of your process. It’s crushing.

What has become brutally clear is that it’s all about your thinking. When you go into the craziness of the attachment to these kinds of thoughts, all hell breaks loose.

Not only is it unpleasant, it’s really dangerous. It can influence your decisions and more importantly vastly affect your quality of life.

Living in fear around your business (or your life) will make you deeply unhappy and possibly sick. It’s not worth it, ever.

What I’ve found found over the years is that when I have the practices and support mechanisms in place, you can significantly reduce occurrences like I’ve described. And that will make ALL the difference

Exercise, eating well, sleeping enough, meditation, The Work, masterminds, friends, family, dancing – there’s a ton of things to choose from and believe me, it works.

What do you choose? What helps you keep the crazies away?
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