the most terrifying night of my life…

live your dream, love conceptIt was cold and dark.  I was all dressed up.  With nowhere to go. I felt like an idiot. I’d been stood up.  

In that moment, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, it was all such a stupid cliche. 

We’d spoken on the phone for weeks. I wanted to take it slow so that I would actually get to know the guy this time.

He was charming, interesting and interested. He had hobbies and sisters! He didn’t sound at all like a serial killer. Just a nice guy.

He was patient, understood that we were both too old to be playing games. Too serious to rush or be distracted by the wrong things. So we took our time to get to know each other.

I had gotten used to the calls, the chats, the fun, he could really make me laugh. We’d already fallen into a comfortable routine, without ever meeting in person.

And here I was, I had suggested that we meet, he had chosen the place.

It was cold and dark.  I was all dressed up.  Feeling like such an idiot.

And that’s when it happened. My phone rang, it was him. He said, I’m here, just look around. 

His voice sounded nervous, unusual. I scanned the empty parking lot. There was no one there. I felt a cold shiver run down my spine…

By now I guess you’re on the edge of your seat, wondering what on earth happened. The story could go either way, it could be a dream or a nightmare.

But notice how connected you feel. How badly you want to know what’s next.

Story is VERY powerful.  We get drawn in. It connects us quickly and deeply.

Stories make a profound impression. Imagine what it would be like to leave a deep and profound impression every time you spoke to someone about your business.

You see, we only have a few seconds to make that impression and usually we waste those precious seconds on irrelevant stuff that no-one remembers.

I know that as a business owner, it can be really tough to figure out how to make that impression.

I certainly struggled, when I started out, to know how to talk about what I do so that I didn’t sound  like everyone else. I would see how people’s eyes would glaze over and they would change the subject because I didn’t manage to attract their interest. It was incredibly frustrating.

Though I knew how totally life-changing my work was for me and for my clients, talking about it was a real challenge!

You see, it’s not enough to be great at what you do. You need to talk about it in a way that is interesting to others, so they’re curious and want to hear more.

And when I say ‘talk about it’, I mean in everything you do, your website, your networking, your public speaking and even when you think you’re NOT working!

So here are 4 Story Secrets that will get you started in creating powerful stories for your business:

  1. Make it Real – go on, share your stuff.  The moments that make a difference to you because they’re interesting, you felt something and they matter.
  2. Be Specific – don’t get all general and abstract, talk about an actually moment. “it was 9pm, a dark, cold night” rather than “it was the winter time”. We connect to the details (not the creative description).
  3. Show, don’t tell – show by describing – “wearing a short black skirt and red shoes with impossibly high heels” is more compelling than “I was dressed to kill”
  4. Make It Relevant – what story does your audience want to hear, what do they want to know, make sure it matters to them as much as to you.

And now you know how to get started, what’s story can  you tell NOW?

Share it here.

And if you’re wondering about the story that I started to tell above, well, I’m not going to tell you the details. This time.

Let’s just say, it was one of the most terrifying evenings of my life. I’m still living with the consequences.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Where you meet a person that changes the course of your life…forever?

That night changed mine.

And last week was a reminder…

…. our wedding anniversary.

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