The Secret to Client Attraction, Profit and Impact

Do you have a title?

Are you struggling to describe what you do in a way that makes sense to you and your potential clients?  And reluctant to give it a name?

I have a confession.  When I left corporate and considered the idea of becoming a coach, initially I rejected it.  I thought, it’s not a serious profession.  There’s no regulation.  People read a book or attend a 2 hour workshop and then call themselves a coach, put up a sign and open shop.  I’m not like that.

And anyway the market is flooded and how many really good coaches are there?

And people don’t take coaching seriously; if I don’t, why should they?

But it called me back, again and again until I decided to really find out more about this thing called coaching and get a qualification.  That was the first step.  As I did so, I realized that there was a lot of similarity between coaching and storytelling – that’s when I really got hooked.

But the big question that kept arising, how do I find a good coach?  And how do I become a good coach? 

And more importantly, how do I find clients and help them realize that it’s not about the coaching, it’s about the results.

And what’s my hook?  What do I tell people that will not make their eyes glaze over and have them make assumptions that are not true about what I do?

I found the answer in Story Coaching.  Not only does it get phenomenal results but it’s also really interesting for people to hear about.

Let me explain that.

From the moment I understood the essence of Story Coaching and began to create systems and processes around the concept, my business began to thrive (and yes, I said business, not practice).

You see you can create a sustainable business when you have the right concept and systems in place and most importantly, when you have the ability to attract clients and be profitable.

Then I went on to create the accredited training program that I longed for myself.  It goes way beyond basic coaching core competency to include a creative, cutting-edge approach for business building AND developing in depth coaching skills.

Soon I realized that the minute I say, I’m a Story Coach – people always show interest and want to learn more.  People are fascinated by storytelling so when you can understand and use it for your coaching practice it makes a very compelling offer and creates wonderful results.

As soon as I began to have the confidence that great storytelling and story coaching provides, I could attract the clients that I truly love to work with. 

Using Story Coaching concepts I managed to take the fear and discomfort out of marketing and sales so that now, this has become a fun part of my business that reaps truly surprising and great rewards.

And over the last few years, we have co-created a network of Story Coaches worldwide – maybe that’s the most exciting part.  There are Story Coaches on every continent, out there doing amazing work supporting people to create more empowering stories so that they can reach their goals and live their innate potential.

Now that’s impact!

Wouldn’t you like to be part of a movement like that?
You can be! 

If this is resonating for you and you’d like to join the program (we start on September 30th) you can do so here:

If you’d like more information, just hit reply and I’ll get back to you personally to set up a call to answer all your questions.

Remember, Story Coaching means great clients, profit and impact – come join us!

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