The Secret to Having More Time

Do you feel overwhelmed by the day to day rush of your life and your business?

Are you sick and tired of wishing there were more hours to the day?

I can so relate. 

I have to admit, I don’t have a fix-it-quick solution, or a magic pill.

But don’t despair – I do have something that could shift it all and make a huge difference to your life and business right now.

And you’ve guessed it; it’s all about your story!

Okay, so stay with me on this…I want to explain.

You see, there is this intense human desire to ‘tell’ our experiences.  We live something and then we go ahead and tell the story. (In fact, if we experience something and don’t tell anyone about it, sometimes we even wonder if we actually experienced it!!).

What we tell is mostly our version, I mean, it’s not pure fact, right?  It’s our story of the experience, based on our perspective, our background, previous experience and world view.

But here’s the thing, we tend to call it ‘fact’ and ‘reality’ and act as if we have no say in the matter, no control or power over this reality.  The ‘truth’ is that we have made most of it up.  Or at least, decided to tell the story in this way.

So, let’s take time as an example.  When we are waiting for our turn in the dentist chair to be over, we seem to have plenty of time.  I mean, time just can’t go fast enough. 

When we are ‘in our element’, as explained so beautifully by Sir Ken Robinson is his TED talks and amazing book ‘The Element’, time just disappears.  It’s when we are doing that thing we love and are really good at.  We become unaware of time and it flies by. 

So you can see that time and how much of it we have, tends to be dependent upon our story of what we are doing, what we need to do and our experience throughout.

If you take a deep breath and create a more empowering story about where you are in this unending list of tasks and activities, you might find that rather than being resentful of what you have not had ‘time’ for; you can be grateful for your achievements.

If you begin to celebrate the moment, the perfection of what is, then measuring time becomes obsolete and you can simply ‘be’.

So, it’s all about your story. It’s about how you consider time and how much your story depends upon a sense of controlling it. 

Let go. Breathe deep. Smile at the story you are in this moment.This time is perfect. And there’s plenty of time for everything. That’s my story, it soothes and releases me!  What’s your story?

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