The Sky is Falling Down

Do you remember the story of Chicken Licken?

One day, whack, an acorn fell from a tree and landed on his head. He realized that the sky was falling down so he ran off in a panic to tell the king.

I got to thinking about Chicken Licken this week; there seems to be so many acorns falling.

And of course just as soon as Christmas is over, the world is due to end, right?

I love Chicken Licken. My first ever niece, way back when she was barely more than a piece of fluff (she was just so soft and shiny new!), used to love this book. She would read it to us, and the names would all run into each other and we would just fall on the floor laughing and she never seemed to mind that Chicken Licken and all his friends got eaten up by the fox in the end.

Some people say that the moral of the story is not to be a ‘chicken’ but to have courage.

Others say that the story is a ‘warning’ that you should not believe everything that you are told.

I think I have been a Chicken Licken many times. I’ve read a sign in something, I’ve gone running off to tell the news and created a whole story for me and the whole world based on this ‘sign’. What a mess!

I suppose I’ve played one of the other characters many times too. I’ve followed something or someone who tells a really scary story in the hopes that I don’t get caught, miss out, or can avoid taking a stand.

It’s exhausting. It doesn’t work.  And in the end, you get eaten alive.

I know that sounds pretty dramatic. But hey, that’s me. My coach is probably laughing as he reads this, he’s used to my drama!

But think about it. When you sell out, when you follow someone else’s dream, when you lose your way, it feels like the end of the world.

Maybe that’s what the Mayan’s knew. That we would get to a place where we have sold out; where we forget our dreams, where we follow someone else’s path and it feels like a massive compromise.

So this week, as you enjoy Christmas (or whatever holiday you are celebrating!), and you contemplate the end of the world, why not take a moment to check in with your story?

Is your story on track?

Is it empowering you?

Do you need a story for your life or business that feels less like you’re running to tell the king?

Please comment below.

Best wishes and best stories



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