The Unexpected Question That Shook My World

This is a story about an opportunity I very nearly missed. (It may have happened to you too)

It was a chance to do something exciting that I almost didn’t take.

Because of fear, low confidence and a kind of disbelief.

It was conference given by an industry I knew little about. I was the keynote. A beautiful location, nice people and great food.

The keynote was a success – everyone loved the storytelling and they could see the relevance and feel the excitement of the possibility that powerful stories create.

It was at the party on the last night of the conference. On the beach. He was tall, well-dressed and quite charming. He sought me out. Then he asked me the question that floored me.

I was taken by surprise, (I think I even blushed) I was not prepared, I didn’t even think it possible.

You see he was the CEO of a large, successful company. And he was very taken by what I had said on the conference stage.

What did he ask? Why was I shocked? Why did it change the way I saw myself, my work and my entire business?

Well, he asked if I would consider coaching him. Until that moment, I never believed that the CEO of a successful multi-national company would want ME to coach him.  I thought, if I had never been the CEO of that kind of company, well how could I possibly coach him?

It was mind-blowing.

You see, my storytelling, my expertise and my presence was what attracted him.  And when I thought about it, they are truly my strengths.

I realized, I actually don’t need HIS expertise, I need my own.

I have that, and so do you.

What I had done, without even realizing it, was tell a phenomenal story that established my credibility and illustrated my expertise and that was what had impressed him.

(and yes, I did coach him, he was the first of many clients holding titles like CEO, President, Senior VP etc. – a real breakthrough for me!)

The key to all this is the story.

I had worked for quite some time on my story.  Now it comes naturally, I don’t have to think about it.  And you can too.

Stop worrying about impressing other people, about saying the right thing, about being and sounding like other’s expect you to.

Stop following the standard marketing blueprints and scripts that have you sounding like everyone else.

Start telling your story.

That’s what people want to hear.  That’s what they remember.

Your Story is the single most powerful asset you have to explode your business and attract amazing clients.

If you’d like to hear more about HOW to tell your story, you listen to yesterday’s webinar (it’s available for another 24 hours so don’t miss it!), no opt-in required!

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