The US election…

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I turned on the television to hear the results, it was the first thing I did when I came downstairs in the morning.  And it was perfect timing, Barack Obama had just got on the stage to address the ecstatic crowd, the rest of america and much of the observing world!

I was impressed by how he held his daughters hand and led her accross the stage; how he thanked his wife and referred to her as ‘the love of my life’; how he talked of how America is undoubtedly a land of amazing possibility, where anything can happen, a true democracy. 

I noticed that his younger daughter word black, blending in with his suit and her sister wore red, perfectly matching their mother’s dress.  It was such an incredibly orchestrated and choreographed show…yet it came accross as spontaneous, casual and unplanned. 

It will be so interesting to see what happens next!


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