They make a difference…

I’ve noticed that we all seem to have a favorite

Usually there is an important issue that
touches us more than others and motivates us to
take action…or at least talk about taking action.

For some it’s women’s shelters or soup kitchens
for the homeless.  For others it’s teenage gangs
and drug wars or education against violence.

There are so many great causes, which one touches
your heart?

This week I found myself in some classrooms with
teenage kids from villages and towns of
marginalized communities.

I was asked to do some storytelling with these
kids with limited English language skills. Despite
being quite terrified (if truth be told) of being
in a classroom with 25 sixteen year olds, it was
challenging AND a fantastic experience.

They rotated the kids around various activities
so I would get a group who would then move on to
the next place.

One of the groups was particularly large and I
noticed that one girl, who had been in another
group earlier in the day, had come back again.  I
was surprised; she had seem completely disengaged
earlier on.

I began to tell one of the stories, usually a
favorite.  Half way through the story, at the part
that was always riveting for the audience, I
noticed that I had lost them.  They seemed to be
looking at me but not quite.

Then I realized that the girl who had come back
and was sitting beside me was doing a silent mimic
of me.  The rest of the room were looking at her
and trying not to laugh.

My first reaction was to be furious.  I wanted to
throw her out. How dare she make me look so

But I paused, took a deep breath and managed to
gather myself. 

I turned to the girl beside me.  “I see we have
another storyteller in the room, how wonderful”, I
said and then I prompted her to continue to help
me tell the story. 

She hesitated but then joined me. 

She did a great job!

I realized, as soon as I could quiet my ego, she
was the person that needed the story more than
anyone else.  She was there for a reason and it
was a big lesson for me.

As we spend time and energy giving what we feel
we can, we also need to be aware of those that
truly need us.  It’s not always the people you
expect.  And often it comes at us in less
desirable ways.

Everyone needs stories.  Not just for
entertainment, to pass the time or to make us feel
good.  Sometimes, we need stories to survive. 

I don’t know that girs’ story, I have no idea
why she needed to hear mine.  But she did.  And
she is not alone.

Tell the stories that are needed most;  tell the
stories that make a difference.

Go on, it’ll do the world of good!

And please share it below…

Best wishes and best stories


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2 comments on “They make a difference…

  1. Lisa,
    Loved the story. Thanks for sharing YOUR big moment when you realized it was only about her. What a beautiful example of modelling coaching in an unexpected way.
    Keep those stories coming!

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