Build a Powerful Business Story


Remember how it feels when you hear a great story? The world stops. Imagine if that happened when you spoke and wrote about your business. Imagine the kind of results you could get if you engaged and inspired people like that.

We help you tell a powerful story to attract high-value clients & transform your business.


Selling Through Story
Discover how to unlock more sales, more growth, and more momentum in your business using the power of stories.

When you know which stories to tell – and how to tell them – you have a powerful way to connect with great clients, build trust, and sell your services easily and authentically.

With the Selling Through Story program, you’ll learn and implement a proven, effective system for using stories throughout your business.

You’ll discover how to uncover a goldmine of persuasive stories in your own life, how to tell them effectively, and how to use story to create more growth and success in your business.

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Core Story Discovery
Discover your authentic, compelling story and attract more high-value clients.

If you struggle to tell your story effectively… if you’re not sure whether you even have an interesting story… then a Core Story Discovery session will help you find and tell your story in a way that supports your business and resonates with your ideal clients.

Your Core Story is the very best, most authentic representation of you. Once you know it, you can easily convey who you are and what you stand for. You’ll bring authenticity and credibility to all that you do in your business. And that makes you irresistible to your ideal clients.

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Story Coach Certification™ Program
Whether you are a new or experienced coach, you can become a compelling leader in your niche market and create financial success in your coaching business. This is an exciting opportunity to make huge impact. Learn how to coach at the deepest level and create massive transformation in people’s lives. Become a world-class coach by enabling consistent, outstanding results for your clients.

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Grow Your Business With Story
If you want to attract amazing clients and get your voice out into the world… if you want to make a difference…

You need great storytelling.

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