Build a Powerful Business Story


Remember how it feels when you hear a great story? The world stops. Imagine if that happened when you spoke and wrote about your business. Imagine the kind of results you could get if you engaged and inspired people like that.

We help you tell a powerful story to attract high-value clients & transform your business.


Core Story Discovery
Telling your story can make all the difference—to get your voice heard, build trust and attract high-value clients. And yet, so many of us can’t figure out what that story is. We even doubt if we have an interesting story or struggle to figure out how to tell our own story.

When you discover your Core Story (the very best, authentic representation of you)—you understand who you are at the deepest level and what you stand for. If you know your Core Story—you bring authenticity and credibility to all that you do in your business. You become irresistible to prospects and attract great clients.

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Stories That Sell
If you want to get your voice out into the world, attract great clients (the kind that are a joy to work with), get more sales and build your business—you can learn this proven, effective system that will do just that.

For the chance to increase your opportunities and the deals you close, NOW and well into the future, the Stories That Sell Program is the system that you can apply to every part of your business and see powerful results.

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Certified Story Coach™ Program
Whether you are a new or experienced coach, you can become a compelling leader in your niche market and create financial success in your coaching business. This is an exciting opportunity to make huge impact. Learn how to coach at the deepest level and create massive transformation in people’s lives. Become a world-class coach by enabling consistent, outstanding results for your clients.

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Become an Inspiring Speaker
If you want to speak with confidence, attract amazing clients and get your voice out into the world, if you want to make a difference, you need great speaking skills. This program is a solid step-by-step system to use speaking to grow your business by getting enough engagements and transforming your audience into paying clients.

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