Treasure here!

I resisted it for quite some time.

I have to admit that I was thinking, ‘it won’t
help me so what’s the point?’ I have to admit,
it was all what I could gain.

I knew that a big part of business success is in
being super-focused and able to manage my time
well; not to get caught up in unproductive
activities that create distraction while not
adding anything.

So I kept telling myself, don’t waste the time,
don’t get dragged in to something that won’t
benefit your business development, don’t get

And I kept resisting.  But finally, out of respect
for a friend and colleague, I went along.  Just
this one time, I said to myself.

And what I discovered?
Wow, a gem, a treasure, a gift!

‘The Circle’ is a local Networking Group that
meets on a weekly basis.   The focus is on
creating abundance through generosity and a kind
of intention and almost spiritual presence.
Within the first few moments of being there I
realized that I had got it ALL WRONG!

It’s not about what you can get.  It’s about what
you give.

Abundance exists in the recognition of how much
you have to share.

Powerful networking is not the frantic search for
who you can do business with and how many business
cards you give out.  It’s about your presence and
willingness to show genuine heartfelt interest in
others and find ways to help them achieve their

From the first meeting I realized that I wanted
nothing from this group other than to be there and
enjoy the positive energy that embraces you from
within.  I needed nothing and wanted nothing, just
to share myself, my experiences and lend a helping
hand now and then.

In return, it has become an island of positivity
and hope for me.  A glimmer of what is humanly
possible in the way people can interact and create
abundance.  The possibility of how a community can
respect, care and help one another, simply by
creating a space for abundance joy and protecting
that sacred space.

There are many communities like this.  Do you
belong to one?

Sometimes it happens in a neighborhood, or through
a school or college.  Sometimes it is created in a
church, sometimes in a family.  Usually there is
strong, resilient and continuous leadership. 

And now, more than ever, we need these
communities; we need the positive, supportive
structure that will help us envision and create
our own personal sense of abundance.

I am enormously grateful for my own ‘circles’,
those that I have joined and those that I have
created; the networking group, my friends, my
professional communities and particularly my

What are your circles of abundance and support?
Please leave a comment below and share the love!

Best wishes and best stories – Lisa

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4 comments on “Treasure here!

  1. I am grateful to share the same “Circle” with you. So grateful to have this loving presence and support in Israel, with women like yourself who work in the world. We have much to share.
    Thank you so much for being you!

  2. I’ve never felt very good at telling stories, but reading your stories inspires me. Stories are afterall more about giving than getting. They give entertainment, wisdom, inspiration, guidance and a different perspective all in an easy to absorb form. Thank you

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