Unexpected advice from the guy I couldn’t stand

Unexpected advice from the guy I couldn’t stand

I was incredibly reluctant to join the program. It felt like the same thing all over again. I could teach this stuff I said. But he insisted, do it for me he said, so we can talk in the same language. I agreed.

He was right. I did the program and I did acquire this particular ‘language’. It made things easier – such is the way with personal development. I was right too – it was nothing new, except the terminology. But then I met the guy on my team.

I didn’t like him much at first. He was loud and kind of flamboyant. In truth, I didn’t know what it was exactly, but he annoyed me. We had weekly phone calls set up. He would ask how he could help, I’d share some stuff – that part was okay.

Until that one day. It was windy and wet outside. I grabbed my phone and the dog and headed out. I called him. He said, what’s going on?

I’m really struggling with my business, I told him. People aren’t buying my programs, work is running dry. I just don’t know what to do next. And he’s out of a job, so I’m totally alone on this. We have so many expenses, it’s so much pressure, I’m not sure how to go on.

Without hesitation he said, you’ve taken your eye off the ball. What? I asked. You’ve got a good business, you’ve made money, you have clients and if things are not working now it’s because you’ve lost sight of it, you’ve become distracted, you’re not playing your best game.

I started to deny it. I was angry and feeling picked on. You don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s not me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I work really, really hard. After a few minutes of trying to justify myself, even I didn’t believe the words I was saying. I shut up. And he was silent.

You’re right I said. I’ve been distracted, I’ve been worried and fearful, I’ve been trying to fix everyone else. I paused and took a deep breath.

So what’s next? I asked.

You tell me, he said. What works? What do you know? What don’t you know? What can you create?

Then he said, I’d start by talking to people you’ve worked with. Notice the words they use, the stuff they say – then you’ll know.

It was some of the best coaching I’d ever received. It was genius. The very next day I started calling people, catching up, asking them what worked for them and what they needed.

By the end of 2 weeks I had tons of information and I knew exactly what to do next. I reached out to a few colleagues, asked for help where I needed it and within a few more weeks I had brought in more business that I had the previous 6 months.

I realized then (as I have several times since) that when things are not working it’s always because I’ve taken the eye off the ball, I’ve become distracted by the wrong things.

And since then, I’ve always made sure that I have people in my life who can help me stay on track. My coaches, mentors and business friends with whom I can have conversations that help me stay clear, focused and ready to create the next thing.

How do you stay clear, focused and on the ball?

Now that the New Year has started, have you got the support in place that you need? Are you set up to succeed this year?

If you’re thinking you might need some insight on how to do this, and you’re willing to invest in the right kind of support for you, let’s talk.

Email me (info@story-coach.com)  and I’d love to talk to you about setting up exactly what you need to be successful now and moving forward.

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